Aug 3

Nice looking bike! I have to say I didn’t even know Can Am went that far back.

Jul 29

That Plymouth is nice. For some reason it reminded me of the fact that some Plymouth designers made this thing out of one of those.

Jul 27

Apparently my late granpa had one of those 626s as a company car for a while in the 80's. You very rarely see those around nowadays.

Jul 25

I haven’t really. Outside of few Oppos elsewhere. Anyways it’s a ‘84 Buick Electra wagon. Far from mint but runs and drives good and has good body (apart from lower door rust).

Jul 22

Everlast is good but I’m pretty sure this isn’t even his best album IMO.

Jul 10

I don’t care what anyone says The New Edge Terminator Cobra is one of my all time favorite ‘Stangs.

Jun 20

As for how I’d build it. I’ve actually had this idea floating in my head before: 60's mild custom style. Lowered on supreme wheels, white paint with ornate pink flake top and something like Olds Rocket V8 under the hood.

Jun 17

It would be interesting to compare this with my N15 Almera. Different chassis codes and markets but close enough to one another that you can bolt on swap body panels and probably a lot of mechanical parts too. Read more

Jun 15

That’s far from being the worst place I’ve heard someone forgetting their weed at. Not saying it’s a good place either though.