Jun 26

Those portable units suck. The heat that they pull in radiates off of the exhaust tube back into the room, losing efficiency very quickly. Window units at least attempt to partition the inside and outside parts of the system with insulation.

Jun 14

Sears was founded and started their mail-order business in 1892, while J.C. Penney showed up in 1902 but unlike Sears was a brick-and-mortar business at the start, and only published their first catalogue in 1963, likely because Sears had recently entered the department store game in a big way and J.C. Penney wanted

Jun 13

Let it be known that I’m firmly in the pro home post group. Gimme dat new construction goodness

Jun 1

Unenforceable dopey legislation will surely breed more respect for authority.

Jun 1

Belgium isn’t known for a historically empathetic relationship with black people.

Feb 21

The Studebaker Lark R3. It’s the coolest factory sleeper supercar nobody’s ever heard of. It was fully intended to enter production and could’ve made Studebaker one of the biggest players in the early days of the muscle car, but changes in management happened and the new guy in charge was a killjoy who decided

Feb 21

I’m going to stick with VAG and nominate the VW XL Sport, another casualty of Dieselgate.

They took an SL1, removed all pretenses of greenness, and stuffed an 11k RPM, 197 hp Ducati motor in there, bringing the weight to a svelte 1,962 lbs. Just LOOK AT IT. I would daily drive this.

Jan 20

I believe the black thing on the backseat is a speaker - pump up the bass, if you know what I mean.