Jun 19

1982. I am 13. I am playing fast pitch softball, 3rd base. My dad has coached me in previous years, but this year I am on a team where my dad’s good friend was the coach, so all is well. I remember this like yesterday. Read more

Jun 18

It ended up selling like 7,000-10,000 copies in that first week which is not an insignificant number for independent vinyl retailers.

Jun 13

Wow. You can practically hear when you are reading it that it fucking KILLS this website to write anything positive about Swift. Read more

May 30

Yeah...and? Good for her. As long he loses something I am perfectly fine with it. And just because he is an asshole doesnt mean she is one.

Sorry but to judge her, because of him is bullshit and doesnt make any sense. If anything it is the same prejudices that people are (rightfully) pissed about at other things. So Read more

May 30

Lady Gaga canceled her Chromatica listening party to…tell people to register to vote?? No offense to electoral politics, but—actually, wait. No. Full offense to electoral politics!!!! Telling people to respond to state-sponsored racist violence by registering to vote so that they can participate in an election five Read more

May 25

One of the textbooks for this class is available on Apple Books, but it’s also linked to my student account, so idk if you would have access to it. The textbook is “Public Health Law and Ethics” edited by Lawrence Gostin & Lindsay Wiley. If you are able to access it online, you could do a keyword search for “police Read more

May 14

WHY were you a Roy fan?!  He left Pam at a ballgame!  He was a mean drunk and he didn’t give a toot about her art aspirations!  I’m not saying Jim wasn’t an ass, but Roy sucked.

May 4

I am so emotionally invested in Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland living happily ever after. He was the best of all Bachelorette options and even better when he came on BIP as the bartender. Sarah came out of an abusive relationship, and I want the best for her.

Apr 19

Penis size varies in the same way as vaginal size. Sometimes you get a better response from a big penis, sometimes you get a better response with a small penis. That’s kind of my take away from my history of sexual encounters. Sometimes things link up really well, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes skill and technique Read more

Apr 13

I catered a wedding where the bride’s dad and step dad were like best friends. They went on camping trips together, without the rest of the family. It was the coolest and sweetest thing ever. They obviously both walked her down the isle and the speeches made me, a total stranger with a heart of stone, cry. 

Apr 12

“There is no such thing as adult mac and cheese, adult mac and cheese does not exist. Adults exist and mac and cheese exists, and sometimes adults eat mac and cheese, but in the same way that making a pizza with “good” sauce and “fancy” cheese doesn’t mean there’s suddenly a categorically age-specific difference Read more