8:25 PM

Mid-December, 2002. I was having a shitty month. I was broke and stressed and miserable and trying to give my kid a Christmas and I was supposed to be leading my UU Church’s Winter Solstice service but I’d flaked out because my life was a disaster. Walked in to the sanctuary and OH DAMN WHO IS THAT GUY? The hottest Read more

10:48 AM

I think so too, and I don’t think Eden is confused, I think she’s straight up lying. Not to make herself famous though. She’s lying because Sasha is paying her to lie to try to destroy Noah. She met Sasha with Helen at the party, and Helen told Sasha that Eden probably had an affair with Noah, and that planted the Read more

1:25 PM

I root for Miley Cyrus like people root for the Knicks. I know it’s not going to end well  but fuck I keep believing. 

12:45 PM

Yep, we do. But thanks for making it sound like we kick puppies for fun.

12:00 PM

I do a fair amount of TNR and some cat rescue. I’ve managed to place a fair amount of ferals into homes (contrary to popular misconception, many feral cats can be domesticated). One feral I’d named Monique and had taken care of for years finally warmed up to people enough that I placed her in a home a year ago. She Read more

11:07 AM

Well, apparently we’re in the timeline where a real housewife is more useful than the president of the United States after a natural disaster.

10:05 PM

As a long time papa to multiple Rottweilers, I can confirm they all have the brain traits for extreme derp.

5:42 PM

Fuck. “ looking good for a woman in her 70s struggling with disease.” Why not just show her corpse? Read more

7:21 PM

None. After he walked out on me and the kids I made a big point of continuing to go absolutely everywhere that I liked because fuck him, I own all these places and HE can go find somewhere new if it bothers him. 

7:15 PM

I really think this is why Jameela Jamil is so spot on with her “double agents of the patriarchy” description of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Even at Kim’s absolute best- i.e. working to free AMJ, there’s the pernicious double action of getting her to shill for her brand- which, however empowering an individual finds Read more

3:43 AM

The best advice I've gotten has been, "Go to bed angry, but go to bed together." And no matter how pissed we are before bed, as long as we're both physically fine, when we wake up next to each other the next day, most of the time most of the emotions have evaporated and we can go back to beings friends who want to Read more