May 9 2018
9 weeks

The babies are 9 weeks old today. How crazy is that? We’ve also decided that Kevin and Cannoli will stay with us

Apr 29 2018
Babies on video!

They will be 8 weeks old on Wednesday. How crazy is that? We are finally letting them roam with supervision. Jet

Apr 3 2018

They will be 4 weeks tomorrow. They’ve become little explorers! Momma Kat is still doing her thing and being a

Mar 12 2018
Happy 5 days!

Babies are now 5 days old. They smell so heavenly and are so snuggly! I can’t wait for them to open their little

Mar 10 2018
3 days old

Babies are now 3 days old. We moved them back into the living room with us so Momma Kat can have some company.

Feb 19 2018
Momma Kat update

I mentioned her in my Fur Face Friday post last week and we now have an update. She got a clean bill of health from

Feb 13 2018
Thank you

Instead of replying to each comment individually, I figured a separate post would do. Thank you to everyone that