Mar 23 2018

Frankly, I don’t see how restricting this platform will have any effect on trafficking. The supply and demand relationship will be unaffected, and the ability to prosecute or identify traffickers will not be improved.

Mar 23 2018

It’s not a zero sum kind of deal. It’s not the case that if something is good for consensual sex workers then it’s bad for trafficking victims. SESTA isn’t going to have a meaningful impact on traffickers, who don’t give a fuck if they’re hurting people and breaking the law anyway. SESTA is a band aid with a Read more

Mar 23 2018

Cool, and until you’re “given” that world do you support the rights of women (and some men, and lots of gender fluid/non binary people but I’ve noticed that antis tend to forget sex workers aren’t just cis women) to earn a living by a means of their choosing as safely as possible or nah?

Mar 11 2018

I wonder how much it would cost to make you do something for less than an hour that you’d rather not do. My guess is less than 130 grand.

Feb 13 2018

Honey, I cannot relate to someone who would willingly sleep with Mnuchin.

Feb 1 2018

I’ve seen that too, as well as guys who add several inches to their height. It’s sort of ironic, because I don’t care about height and won’t necessarily count someone out for being a few years above my stated age preference but I do weed out people who lie.

Jan 31 2018

The double standard that starts when people are in their late 30's is just ridiculous. I once turned down some guy who was recently separated. In his profile he went on and on about how he was such a great catch. Apart from not officially being single, he was more or less the male equivalent of me (good job/income, ok Read more

Jan 25 2018

Often, older women who seem progressive are in collusion with the abusers. I interviewed for a job once, to be a Technology Graduate Assistant in the President’s office at my University. During the interview, by a very beautiful older “progressive woman”, I was asked if I was open to new things and not easily Read more

Jan 25 2018

I know nothing about him beyond mainstream gossip, but the more I read, the more I get the sense he has some sort of personality disorder. My ex-BFF went from from a majorly sex-positive straight woman who talked about dicks all the time, to celibate, to a lesbian. Not that this trajectory is uncommon or weird in and Read more

Jan 18 2018

Props to you for getting to that place of actually making money! That’s quite the accomplishment. I’ve been doing it semi-professionally for years, and I’ve made my peace that I will never get there. The few performers I’ve known who made it there had to do so much travel, social networking, and general hustling.

I Read more

Nov 29 2017

Are you absolutely serious? Even the rappers themselves censor themselves when performing the songs in certain situations. Neither NWA nor Wu-Tang have a song that consists solely of the word “n**ga,” and if they did, you don’t need to sing it. You aren’t in an NWA cover group, are you? Miss me with this BS. If you Read more

Nov 19 2017

Lena is an asshole and it’s annoying that she’s made feminism a part of her brand. She’s the epitome of a white feminist. Lena doesn’t want to embrace women of color or understand intersectionality. Lena just wants to be equal to white men. The rest of us can kick rocks. I’m not surprised she chose not to stand in Read more

Oct 9 2017

The idea that any activity that causes or has the potential to cause harm to your body is something that needs to be interrogated is deeply flawed. Read more

Oct 9 2017

It’s also important for dudes to separate “This makes me uncomfortable for me” instead of “This is uncomfortable because what you want is wrong/amoral/gross”. The nice thing about the internet is that people are coming out and being way more upfront about what they want. When I was a single dude dating, it was an Read more

Oct 8 2017

Mirimax has a very strict policy against being caught and publicly shamed for sexual harassment and assault. And this week he violated that policy.