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Nov 10 2017

I still miss Gawker everyday. I even remember specific comments made by specific people. Some were fucked up and hilarious, some were insightful and poignant. More than ever we need Gawker back! I’m hoping Ashley Feinberg can start a Gawker related site called like “Fawker. Love ya James, always nice to see old school Read more

Oct 28 2017

Oh so in Cuba, when you pull your eyes back to slant them, according to Gurriel it means I was commenting to my family that I didn’t have any luck against Japanese pitchers here in the United States. Read more

Oct 26 2017

Also indicative of internal strife is when Chapman liked that photo on Instagram that said “Let’s Hope Joe’s Contract Is Not Renewed After The Season”.

Oct 22 2017

PFFt David Ortiz on FS1 is way more charming and likeable than Pedro Martinez on TBS. It kills me to say this but Pedro’s personality is so bland, and....he looks like a thumb with no facial features.

Oct 19 2017

Young people( Under 22-ish) love to sleep late, they romanticize staying up till like 5 am, so I think in that regard, baseball won’t have any problems attracting younger fans. The length of the games though, could definitely affect the attention span of younger fans.

Oct 7 2017

The rumor on Blind Gossip alluded to the birthday scene in the last movie, and how it was included only to pettily emphasize the age difference between Cattrall and the other ladies. And that this was one of the reasons Cattral didn’t want to do the 3rd movie. Good on her. The series is utter garbage.

Sep 25 2017

I swear Nicole, Sofia’s older sister, is really Hollywood friends with Kim and Kris Jenner and so it sorta seems fucked up that Sofia is dating Kim’s sisters’ ex-husband. Complicated!!!!

Sep 22 2017

What I read is that someone in the stands, near the little girl that was hit, saw her be responsive as she was carried out, so then that fan gave a thumbs up to Frazier, and then everyone started clapping, I guess because they were relieved the little girl was ok. Or at least people think she is ok. I don’t think the Read more