KittensAndUnicorns_v2_The Uprising
12/10/17 4:07PM

This guy is an asshole. Why did you let him out of the greys?

12/10/17 2:17PM

 And the countdown to her resignation (followed immediately by trump bragging about how he fired her over this because he’s the boss) begins.  

12/10/17 1:57PM

The thing is though, when you fat-shame Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you’re not *just* fat-shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You’re trashing the millions of women who look just like her and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they hear this shit and don’t take it as a personal blow. It’s no different than people who Read more

12/10/17 1:55PM

I’ve never laughed at anything Chelsea Handler said. Never. I watched her youtube clip of going to a wedding in India... just more proof that she’s a racist, wilfully ignorant ass.

12/10/17 1:54PM

I hate to admit it, but SHS is really really good at her job. She can tell the lies with a straight face, and convincingly act offended when the administration gets called out on pretty much anything. I’ve rarely seen her get ruffled. I have to hand it to her for nailing the skills necessary in that position, and in Read more

12/10/17 1:52PM

I don’t worry about Sanders’ self-esteem. What I worry about is the message it sends to others, particularly young girls: “everyone knows that being fat is a worse crime than defending a racist”. Meaning if you are a nice girl who happens to be fat the message is you should be ashamed of yourself, because the person Read more

12/09/17 11:38PM

I’ve got a couple of C things from The Ordinary — the 23% suspension and the 12% ascorbyl glucoside — and like both pretty well. I’ve also used the Oz Naturals C serum (like $18/oz on Amazon) and NuFountain C + Ferulic ($27/oz) and liked them just fine too. C is one of those things that I generally don’t see (and Read more

12/09/17 9:48PM

I need a new lash grower, but MLMs...ugh. I loved Urban Decay Lush Lash but it’s discontinued.

12/09/17 1:31PM

That will never work with trolls. This troll has a new life story every comment section they go to, there is no reaching trolls, only dealing with them by dismissing their comment, which is the only way to rile them up.

12/09/17 12:07PM

It’s almost like communicating through Twitter isn’t good for our mental health.

12/09/17 11:27AM

Holy shit. The way we as a society deal with sex workers is absolutely deplorable. One of the Recommended Stories here is about porn stars who testified about industry regulation and how creepy the NYTimes story about it was.

12/09/17 11:20AM

I’ve been following the story since the NY daily news wrote about it and this male (can’t remeber his name) was horrific to her the day she died and until he locked his twitter down.

12/09/17 11:11AM

A male pornstar told August Ames to drink cyanide and die during the whole tweet incident. Smh.

12/09/17 12:06AM

No, you’re missing the point. The prior investigations were vaguely rooted in twisted facts, and were more about blathering on with innuendo and slander, with no legitimate conclusions drawn, as the slander never matched the facts. However, in the post November 2016 reality, it’s been determined that facts don’t Read more

12/08/17 7:25PM

I had 2 abortions in 10 years, thanks to planned parenthood. And for the first time ever I won’t follow that up with my reasons as to why I had them. I needed them, desperately and I was shown respect, phenomenal emotional and physical support from the staff. I was able to leave with my dignity and my life, sadly that Read more

12/08/17 5:52PM

“especially in light of the fact that investigations by three other Congressional committees, and investigations in 13 states including a Grand Jury in Texas, have all shown that Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong.” Read more

12/06/17 1:14PM

Well she’s a hypocrite and that’s purely political. I really hope someone calls her out on her garbage.