10/08/17 1:35AM

Well it’s nice to cut to the star wars clip right when you want to be watching

9/20/17 6:24PM

Since it’s hard (but not impossible) to frame the earthquake as an oppressively racist cis-gendered shitlord, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

8/27/17 4:22PM

‘reimbursement/other’s is my new fave. How would you like to pay for your pizza delivery? Reimbursement/other, please.

7/10/17 10:45PM

Man, could you imagine how many games he’d miss in a 162 game season?

7/04/17 10:46PM

Saw a new car in my parking lot. Truck, Arkansas plates, “One nation under GOD” “MAGA” and (my favorite) “Info Wars” bumper stickers. Read more

4/03/17 10:48AM

And if you leave your house now, you just might be able to make it to the new stadium by October.

3/27/17 4:02PM

That would be Lou Gehrig’s luck, to die of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and then be reborn to a woman with Kristen Cavallari’s disease.

12/20/16 10:29AM

This just in: Quarterback decides to be running back but would prefer to still be treated like a passer by defenders.

12/20/16 9:56AM

When he is actually treated differently rather than just the subject of blatantly slanted reporting to push a narrative.

12/20/16 1:28AM

Except he was running around the field more than Brett Favre after winning the Super Bowl. I know their season has been rough but c’mon man. He screwed himself.

11/22/16 7:37PM

My buddy Kyle, his dad was a judge, and we were playing touch football in the street when we were six or seven, maybe ten, and my other friend Mike was quarterback and he was like “Go deep, way deep” and Kyle ran for, I dunno, had to be seven or eight seconds, just forever,and I was covering him and by then we were Read more