Nov 30 2015

I REMEMBER YOU LOVELY! Will be looking for the new piece. If it expresses something you need to express, it's worth putting out there.

Nov 30 2015

I don’t know what it will be but thank you. I lost my nickname and started afresh, but I’ve hung out in GT since EGR was a commenter. Thank you for telling your truth and speaking for us. /fistbump.

Nov 25 2015

If you want access, then you have to go through HIM first! Oh and two cute but killer cats!

Aug 4 2015

“I’m a member of the privileged majority of this profession (not female) benefiting from sexism and sighed for at least the ten minutes it took me to read this piece. I would be completely deflated for sighing so long should I have not been full of hot air in the first place. I am taking one person’s chronicled Read more