Apr 27 2015

PEOPLE WHO PLAY VIDEOGAMES: If you’re feeling disenfranchised, bored, or just generally uninterested in games you’re the perfect candidate to be interviewed for don’t die. It’s a site that explores the lack of creativity in games from a developer and audience perspective. It’s also a topic that people don’t really Read more

Oct 29 2014

So people are starting to ask me to do media because as it turns out I'm not terrible at explaining basic

Oct 19 2014

I've been out with people in London, and last night was taken to one of those clubs where people wear way too little

Oct 15 2014

Okay, guys. I'm on the BBC at 545 tonight, after which I will be headed to the Blue Posts pub near Tottenham Court

Oct 10 2014

I'm coming to london. And bristol. And I'm going to be in england for a week, and there is an open bar after my

Oct 3 2014

Day 1 is over. I did a ton of radio and also MSNBC. I haven't actually watched the clip (thanks, broken video link