Oct 25

MLB instructed the home team to wear alternate jerseys so the president is the only obvious white national in the stadium.

Apr 20 2017

The Dan Snyder Racial Slurs play their stupid, embarrassing games in Maryland. Please don’t associate them with the good and fun teams of Washington, D.C.

Jan 12 2017

So let me get this straight: The post in question wasn’t written by Kukla, but rather, someone from Kukla’s Clan?

Sep 27 2016

Loved this show! Mss Parker was hot. Like, a naughty librarian who would punish you for returning a book a few days late kind of hot. Read more

Sep 27 2016

Thanks for the piece. It was twenty years ago this month the show premiered. The Pretender was my graduate school. First staff job. Worked on it all four seasons. And you are so right, btw - we all had a blast and just recently had a writing staff reunion to commemorate the fun. Read more

Sep 27 2016

OMG Miss Parker was easily one of my first if not my first TV show crush

Sep 26 2016

I think the Packers are reaching a bit there.