TL;DR: MLB is a shitshow, particularly one of the teams involved in the World Series. Author doesn’t envy the position that Joe Buck has been put in, having to spit-shine a turd as the lead for tonight’s broadcast, despite not particularly being fond of the man.

It may be just me, but for most cars, polarized lenses makes the paint look like a combination of a finely cut jewel with a wet clear coat. It's not the best description but it's the best part about it, especially on particularly curvy cars. That tesla at the top is a perfect example of what I mean, and it's even Read more

This is why now, to keep the buff flying a few more years, there’s a project to replace all of its engines with commercial, high bypass models.

I'll take the Supra tyvm!!!  My first car as you can see by my avatar was a white mkiii turbo, though mine had blue interior.

Generally I don’t cut the fat off of any piece of meat that I’m about to shove down my gullet, but there are times when it’s clear that whom ever butchered the steak or other cut of meat didn’t do it properly. For example, say you’re about to smoke a pork butt. There’s a huge layer of fat on top of that hunk of oink Read more

What saved him is his coming off the bike nearly. It let the rotation of the wheels gyroscopically restabilize the bike while his arms acted as shock absorbers, preventing his body from being overly affected by the wiggle. The majority of his mass stayed stable and mostly separated from the bike as it saved itself Read more

You should take another look at it. The payoff of the first season was, for me, the telenovela scene later on. Best thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Completely different but as good if not better than, for comparison, the Battle of the Bastards.

What the actual fuck. Terrible goddamn decision. It was the only Netflix show my wife and I watched together.

The photographic equivalent of “Rhymes with Orange.”

Not just loose, but on a caps’ stick. Fucking horseshit call.

The Situation Room’s in Toronto. You expect any of these calls to go any other way? Just another in a string of horrifically biased officiating efforts from the league office.

Actually that seems to be the safest option I’ve seen yet. Kinda hard to get a concussion if your head’s a beach ball.

It is morally wrong. I don’t touch other people’s cars unless I know the owner personally or it’s an accidental brushing as I walk between them in a parking lot, otherwise those vehicles are sacrosanct. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Lamborghini or some ratty old beater that’s more rust than metal. This is even more so Read more

Sounds tasty at the very least. Not the hottest ever but a good start. I’d consider adding a spoonful of smoked paprika and a shot of decent scotch (or bourbon if you’d rather add sweetness over smoke) in there, especially if you don’t have the chipotles in adobo. Certain flavonoids involved in your recipe are only Read more

What I would take from last night’s win is how they were able to successfully right the ship mid-game. They didn’t just throw in the towel and say “Hey, we’ve got plenty of time to win 4 games on them, so we’ll try next game.”

If she was blonde then this would have hit the stereotypical jackpot.

“Front passenger seat and rear seat deleted to reduce weight (can be optioned back for $1 each)“ Read more

My wife’s pregnant with twins. I’m a Ford owner already. I NEED THIS!