Oct 29

Loving the post today, but sad for Barry.  What’s the best way to voice disgust to the private equity pricks who fired him?

Oct 24

Don’t stop at being fired...he should be charged with making terroristic threats.

Oct 24

2 thoughts...first, 99.9% of the people who post crap like this are cowards who would never do it. I don’t say this to diminish the severity of what he did. I just know these cowards are cowards who want to pretend they’re Rambo. Second, due to the severity of what he did he should be fired, and charged with making Read more

Oct 14

Most news outlets, believe it or not, are trying to tell the truth and know that they’ll pay dearly if they lose the trust of their readers and viewers. Read more

Oct 11

I wonder if Emmett Shear has called @Jack seeking advice about how to come up with bullshit excuses as to why Trump doesn’t get kicked off Twitch for repeated violations of the TOS?

Oct 10

I lived in Minnesota during the Halloween blizzard of 91...I can’t imagine a storm worse than that was.

Oct 8

Yes, yes “we” as a whole didn’t vote for the asshole. But we did, as a whole, got to see him use Clinton’s bout of pneumonia as a weapon to show that she is someone physically incapable of doing the job.
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Oct 7

“We” didn’t vote for Trump. A bunch of morons who didn’t care that who they voted for wasn’t fit for office on multiple levels voted for Trump. The presidency is one of, if not the most, stressful jobs on the planet. Raising concerns as to whether a 78 year old who just had a heart attack on the campaign trail should Read more

Oct 2

Biden, he made a lot of bees in Ukraine back in 19 dickety-two folks. We had to say “dickety” cause the illegal immigrants had stolen our word “twenty.” I was building a big beautiful wall to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles…

Oct 2

I thought for a second during one of the meandering, nonsensical answers he was going to talk about the onion he wore on his belt, which was the fashion at the time.

Oct 1

No social media network is free.  You pay them in personal information, and as Facebook has repeatedly proven, they shouldn’t be trusted with it.

Oct 1

Was he really not expecting his remarks to be leaked? And, once leaked, did he really not see how his words might play directly into Warren’s longstanding criticism of, well, him?
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