Ken Yadiggit
Apr 6 2018

Yep. He was a firefighter in VS and went to help at 9/11 site for weeks after and fought for first responder assistance. He’s a good guy, low key and smart. Watch Trees Lounge. That was the bar by him, our bar southside was The Railroad. It’s so so Long Island to a tee. He also lived round the block from my sister in Read more

Apr 5 2018

Listen, lady, you should be impressed by the fact that I thought this was important enough to wear pants, period.

Apr 4 2018

Haven’t we learned our lesson about trying to stop an unwanted blob of zygotes half way?

Apr 3 2018

You know, though it probably will never happen, it would be awesome if every guy in the school showed up to graduation in heels and a wig.

Apr 3 2018

Sometimes I miss the days when body shaming was frowned upon here. It doesn’t personally offend me, but it’s kind of tiresome to click on a story about someone that is completely unrelated to their appearance, and the top 10 comments are variations on “I don’t like his/her face/hair/body” or “I don’t find him/her Read more

Apr 2 2018

You spelled “ponies” incorrectly. Certainly nobody would include a flower with the word “peon” in its name for a royal wedding.

Mar 30 2018

It’s acceptable if they’re playing your jam, but even then, only if you first loudly proclaim, “Aww shit, this is my JAM!”

Mar 30 2018

Hey, remember when Chris Brown almost killed Rihanna, and everyone just forgot about it, like it never happened? That’s weird to me.

Mar 29 2018

I would get so paranoid too, which is why I’m glad I have a Mirena and just get like a mini tiny version of a period. I have just enough of a half-cramp and spotting to let me know it tried to be a period. Then on the occasional time that it just skips a month I get super paranoid and take 3 pregnancy tests. You never Read more

Mar 27 2018

It was an anti-lynching song, though, right? I feel like that makes it a bit more palatable, but that’s a YMMV thing. Read more

Mar 27 2018

come out to the west coast, we generally have no idea what day it is, so we’re always nice.