Ken Yadiggit

Are we not gonna talk about the fact that he’s wearing a trench coat made for someone three sizes smaller than him AND has it buttoned up all the way it can go? Jesus so many faux pas happening here

He’s wearing a long trench coat that is too small for him and buttoned up on the front like an idiot. Hence the frumpy top and billowy bottom.

It’s a case of The Emporer’s New Poorly Fitting Clothes.

I had never heard of this movie and just looked it up. It looks deliciously terrible and wonderful and is on my list of what to watch next.

Well now I need to know....when they finally responded, what did your friend say about being all flirty with you??

This makes me so happpyyyyy.

I remember reading an article where a lot of boys in a HS class dressed in their female counterparts clothing for a day to protest the stupid dress-code rules that tend to lean towards girls. It was really nice to see a bunch of football jocks in spaghetti straps speaking very seriously about “how, like, stupid it is”

GROSSNESS aside, this outfit would literally have him sent home from school if he were a teenage girl.

ohhohohohoh I loved being on the Yearbook committee for that very reason. There are some hilariously unflattering photos of my best friends in some of our books, thanks to me being trusted with a camera and unsupervised in a tiny closet office for hours at a time.

Is he a nice dude? I love it when I hear that my favourite actors are genuinely nice people in real life.

I wish I had the time and energy to worry about the things you worry about.

There’s a Flintstones themed all-day breakfast joint in my hometown that plays old episodes of the Flintstones all day long and I am quite sure this is the only situation where I’d disagree with your rule. OTherwise, cut that shit out.

Don’t worry. They won’t appear unless you say the name three times in a mirror while taking a selfie.

what is this, a Kardashian event?! old is this person?

I’d wrongly sits on his face.

Jeez, tell us how you really feel.

I believe the last episode I watched prompted my boyfriend to come into the room and tell me “you need to calm the fuck down.” hahahah

At first I was like “this is stupid, these people are supposed to be teenagers!? what is happening.”

But now I’m 4 seasons in and I’m like “WHAAAATTT IS HAPPENNINGGGshow me MORE *five hours later*”