26 minutes ago

Between Wanda, Vision, Sam, Bucky and Loki I think Loki is the most popular character, even over Bucky. That’s what I am trying to say. I would characterize A characters as only the characters that get their name in the title of a movie, but I don’t really care if you agree with my categories or not.

53 minutes ago

If mommy and daddy are in the same room with you, they’ll realize you’ve been lying to both of them.

An hour ago

IDK what the numbers look like, they’re not usually released. But the watch numbers generally are within 24 hours of release and within one week. I am sure the early morning watchers are relatively the same percentage regarding the day (being your diehard fans), but the rest of the 24hrs probably varies widely Read more

An hour ago

Never in my life have I been invited to the cool table. It would worry me if that changed.

2 hours ago

I guess they better modernize the messaging too then so people understand how the modern system still builds all the entrepreneurship skills and how they prevent parents from abusing it, because from the outside it looks like computers are doing all the work. Read more

Today 2:18PM

I wonder if it’s because people are actually leaving the house now, or because Loki is just the most popular of all the B characters to get a show so far.  Probably a little of both.  

Today 2:07PM

The order asks them to remove tomatoes that come standard and then requests that they add tomatoes.  Do they not want tomatoes at all, or do they want extra ones? No way to tell. 

Today 2:03PM

It’s teamwork 101 to provide opportunities for people to interact that are casual and not strictly about work. You’re more likely to bend for a person you know and respect rather than a person you’re assuming is the picture of everything you’re against. It also gives you insight on their motivations and ultimate Read more

Today 1:04PM

It’s not a mall, it’s a Wal-mart, the main function of which is to sell cheap crap that will break, ensuring you have to buy the same item again in a year.  Forever.

Today 1:00PM

There is nothing to say the Sacred Timeline doesn’t already contain multiverses. After all, the Avengers shenanigans playing in different multiverses was “supposed to happen.”   This says to me the Timeline is far more than one record of events for one universe.   It’s more like a braid of timelines, one for each Read more

Today 12:52PM

I was wondering why they were being so coy with fugitive!Loki, having already revealed last week that Loki was hunting themself. I really wanted to watch Hiddleston argue with himself. The reveal of Lady Loki was then pretty great. Read more

Today 11:24AM

On the rare night we were left alone with dad he was always foisting something moderately horrifying on us, like tuna boats (tuna salad in hot dog buns), bacon cheese dogs, or bologna salad. After my parents split at least he managed to master some pretty fancy chicken or shrimp quesadillas. Read more

Today 11:15AM

Oh now I’m remembering all the guys who had pictures of motorcycles in their profile and I’d message and ask about the bikes and they’d be like oh yeah I sold that. WTF you cannot imply you are a bike guy if you are no longer a bike guy.

Today 11:04AM

On vacation I guess?  But certainly not enough to mention it at all, nevermind three times.  Aspirational indeed.

Yesterday 7:09PM

LOL the last time I was on match was ages ago but I found one of my coworkers on there. His profile mentioned surfing THREE times. Read more

Yesterday 5:43PM

There’s still hotels though? If people want to believe it when them when they claim it’s safe, they’re the fool for believing the people trying to profit off of them. 

Yesterday 5:13PM

Probably need to download that TalkSpace therapy app first and deal with all this extra misanthropy that’s built up. Read more

Yesterday 3:41PM

I don’t believe this but they probably didn’t accept ranch dressing or chicken nuggets as an answer. 

Yesterday 3:27PM

Seems like you’re better off being a victim in an AirBnB than anywhere else, where you’re at the mercy of law enforcement believing you and not raping you themselves. At least you’ll get paid. Read more