Yesterday 1:45PM

In a perfect world we would have gotten a Black Widow movie set after Winter Soldier, right after Winter Soldier, and then probably ANOTHER after Civil War. Read more

Yesterday 12:46PM

Yeah, a BW movie after Winter Soldier was so obvious I was genuinely surprised there wasn’t one. Of course I didn’t know about Ike Perlmutter, head of Marvel at the time, famously bigoted, thought no movie helmed by a minority or a woman could be successful. Had to wait til he got removed before we got Black Panther Read more

Thursday 5:12PM

Black man who celebrates Juneteenth here ... I’d definitely prefer more substantive legislation, but the truth is the passage of it as a federal holiday with broad bipartisan support is a very small but nonetheless real consequence of the protests of last summer.

Thursday 4:00PM

I’m enjoying It - but as I’ve learned, particularly from WandaVision, I’m not putting a lot of thought Into It to try and figure all the timey-wimey stuff out

Thursday 2:59PM

I have the same problem. I think either the sacred timeline holds multiple universes, and in each of these universes the timeline of events are (supposed to be) set in stone, or the TVA is lying and there are multiple “sacred timelines.”

Thursday 2:46PM

Agreed. And if anything is going to get you “high on your own supply”, it’s probably more likely to be winning a MacArthur Genius Grant. I mean, it’s in the name.

Thursday 12:11PM

I would say to ask the friend and if they say that they retrieved all the bags of ashes of their husband.  If they haven’t, give it to them, otherwise pitch it in the trash.

Thursday 9:31AM

Yeah, just tip a buck. I think the only time a bartender/server isn’t going to appreciate the tip is if its small. Even when getting alcoholic drinks we usually do $1-3 per drink depending on how complicated the drink is and how slammed a place might be.

Thursday 8:14AM

I usually give a $1 when all they had to do was open a bottle of beer, I don’t have an issue doing the same for pouring a soda. 

Wednesday 10:18PM

Victoria Secret is the Applebees of undergarments. There are better options in every dimension, but force of habit and ubiquity have kept them alive long after the sun has set on the mall era they thrived in.

Wednesday 9:44PM

This is kind of a bullshit argument. The entire point is normalizing treating each other like human beings rather than becoming more divisive and further entrenched. If you don’t start that process it will not just magically happen. And you can’t govern or create even the shakiest of coalitions if all your actions are Read more

Wednesday 4:10PM

I just don’t know how we take a column like this seriously. It’s one dinner, Harris didn’t turn the keys to the White House over to Marsha Blackburn while Biden was in Brussels.

Wednesday 3:49PM

So out of 100 Senators, only 20 of them are female? That explains so much.

Wednesday 3:19PM

This is a terrible framing of events, to vilify attempts at unity and female solidarity, which is supposed to be this website’s mission.

Wednesday 2:14PM

If you’re going to write about politics, you might want to have some basic knowledge of how all this works.

Wednesday 10:38AM

magic—a tool our Loki has learned he does not have access to working with the TVA Read more