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May 24

Not to be a downer, but I’ve called those hotlines. They suck. The last one I bothered calling gave me directions to a hospital... that had burned down fifteen years ago.
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Feb 20

Yeah no, the primary is not over, I don’t need the residents of Iowa and New Hampshire speaking for me.

Feb 14

Do you mean polyamorous, or polysexual?  I’m much more familiar with the former than the latter.

Jan 30

When it comes to art or film or music, Jezebel might as well be TBN or Focus on the Family. They’re just as intellectually lazy and narrow minded. 

Jan 29

A friend of mine is losing significant weight right now, and is at the point where people can confidently exclaim about it without wondering whether or not they’re correct in their observations. So I’ve seen her get a lot of “Wow, you look great!” and “What’s your secret??” kind of thing. When people ask her what Read more

Jan 29

Aww, pumpkin, let’s find y’all a hobby that’s not silently judging fat people, you li’l creeper!

Jan 29

Indeed. But the Biggest Loser has the added element of where it is shaming a significant portion of the population as well. I’m tone deaf, and I’ve never felt shamed by American Idol because I can’t sing. 

Jan 28

Gizmodo’s Tom McKay, who says, “I would say, pastel, carnation, or coral. If anyone disagrees with me they are wrong because I am a tetrachromat.” Read more

Jan 14 2020

It is unfortunate. It’s this attitude that has carried forward and is in no small part responsible for the number of adults I’ve encountered who “Don’t like to read.” Read more

Jan 11 2020

That number you just pulled outta your ass is a lot lower and more complicated than you think it is. Gender is not sex, and sex is not nearly as binary as many assume it to be. 

Dec 20 2019

Welcome to Nightvale is great! Haven’t heard of the other. I’m not generally interested in informative podcasts - I want to be entertained. Give me great interviews (WTF with Marc Maron sets a pretty high standard) or something to laugh at.

Dec 20 2019

Stamps.com, Simpli Safe, & Blue Apron were the unavoidable ones in my podcast rotation. 

Dec 13 2019

‘Dirtbag leftists,' oh thanks, almost thought you were making a good faith critique. Thanks for signalling otherwise!!!!!!

Dec 9 2019

I believe you misread. Good ol’ Mayor Pete absolutely WILL keep having closed door meetings with billionaires and will NOT help keep money out of politics. Because, he is a tool.

Dec 6 2019

The problem here isn’t that sexual assault exists in a taxi service like Uber (though, obviously that *is* a problem), the problem is that they do a terrible job of responding to events of sexual violence on their platform. They have the tools to make Uber much safer than a traditional taxi service (GPS tracking; Read more