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It is unfortunate. It’s this attitude that has carried forward and is in no small part responsible for the number of adults I’ve encountered who “Don’t like to read.” Read more

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That number you just pulled outta your ass is a lot lower and more complicated than you think it is. Gender is not sex, and sex is not nearly as binary as many assume it to be. 

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Welcome to Nightvale is great! Haven’t heard of the other. I’m not generally interested in informative podcasts - I want to be entertained. Give me great interviews (WTF with Marc Maron sets a pretty high standard) or something to laugh at.

2:30 PM

‘Dirtbag leftists,' oh thanks, almost thought you were making a good faith critique. Thanks for signalling otherwise!!!!!!

6:08 PM

I believe you misread. Good ol’ Mayor Pete absolutely WILL keep having closed door meetings with billionaires and will NOT help keep money out of politics. Because, he is a tool.

3:48 PM

The problem here isn’t that sexual assault exists in a taxi service like Uber (though, obviously that *is* a problem), the problem is that they do a terrible job of responding to events of sexual violence on their platform. They have the tools to make Uber much safer than a traditional taxi service (GPS tracking; Read more

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At the very least, Bat Boy is real. He was mayor of New York City and is now running interference for Trump.

4:50 PM

You could’ve just asked people in the breakroom - educated, reasonably informed multiracial group of millennial people on the left - why they didn’t support her for president. They didn’t - we didn’t. “Kamala is a cop” was widely understood to be shorthand referencing her prosecutorial record instead of just a low-info Read more

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That’s not the point at all. It’s that all of us are already carrying a certain amount of emotional burden on any given day. There is nothing narcissistic to recognize their are moments in which we don’t have the bandwidth to safely carry other people’s. Read more

1:36 PM

This article makes me feel like Hazel Cills is young/not in a living together relationship/not a parent.

4:51 PM

Is it too much to hope for a “Dave” situation, where he falls into a coma, gets replaced with a much better body double, actually solves problems, and then promptly dies?

8:53 PM

Agreed on the price! I paid less than $100 for a 25 lb blanket on Amazon. They pop up on sale every few months. Read more

Agreed on the price! I paid less than $100 for a 25 lb blanket on Amazon. They pop up on sale every few months.

12:58 PM

The title is just more of the same; that right-wing projection that has them broadcasting precisely what they’re trying to do, and what they’d dearly love to do, by blaming someone else for trying to do it to them. Read more

3:55 PM

I’d just tell him that she’s not required to disclose any of her private health information to anybody else. It’s standard practice if a patient’s parent accompanies them to the health visit, past age 11 or 12 or so, to ask the parent to step out of the room to discuss issues that they may not want their parents Read more

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If the spoiling effect of salt in butter doesn’t deter you from using it (and frankly, it should), consider this: you don’t know how much salt you’re adding to a recipe with salted butter. Read more