RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants
1/14/20 12:58PM

I love living with my husband, but we keep separate rooms during the workweek because of schedules (he goes to bed at like, 7 because he has to wake up at 2AM) I gotta say, while its nice sleepung with him some times, I sleep SO much better alone. Same for him he says. It makes our weekends special and our weekdays Read more

12/20/19 8:32PM

Alice isn’t Dead is by the same writers as Nightvale, with Jasika Nicole as lead. She plays a character who sort of falls into this crazy supernatural conspiracy while moonlighting as a long distance trucker who travels the country looking for her missing wife. It is *nuts* and scary and amazing.

12/19/19 9:16PM

People say that, but I thought it was pretty clear in a nudge nudge way that Dumbledore and Grindelwald were deeply in love in a teenage way. I picked it up while reading, and wasn't surprised when that info was "revealed"

12/09/19 3:44PM

If you want really REALLY good salty/sweet chocolate chip cookies, fry 1/4-1/2 lb of high quality bacon lardons. Replace 1/2 cup of butter with the same amount of bacon fat. Cream(unsalted, european) butter, bacon fat and sugar and continue with whatever recipe you are using. Add bacon bits in with chocolate chips, Read more

11/16/19 7:44PM

I got a 20 lb weighted blanket on Amazon for 50 bucks. Best 50 dollars I have *ever* spent. I have anxiety and insomnia, and I sleep deeper, linger and better with a weighteed blanket. But don't spend this much on one, that's crazy

I got a 20 lb weighted blanket on Amazon for 50 bucks. Best 50 dollars I have *ever* spent. I have anxiety and

11/15/19 12:45PM

I've been on a Paul Tremblay kick. Just finished The Cabin at the End of the World(which, jesus was so horrifying) and I'm about a third of the way through Disappearance at Devils Rock. I'm on the wait list right now for Head Full of Ghosts. I get weirdly into authors for a spell, and then switch up. 

11/13/19 11:18AM

Kimberly’s surgery is just so, so bad. If you feel like plastic surgery is for you, jesus h, please make sure the surgeon knows what they are doing. Her fillers especially are a mess.

8/26/19 2:00AM

Nah, there’ll just be a lot more password sharers. Right now a friend group of like, three or four couples can have access to pretty much everything with each couple only paying for one service.

6/27/19 4:42PM

Well, let’s fight then. Acrylic is far and away the best for charity knitting. And knitting for children, and home dec. There are hella nice acrylics out there now- its not all red heart super saver. I’m probably going to do a sweater for myself out of acrylic soon. Not every hand knit needs to be precious. Sometimes Read more

6/24/19 6:34PM

As a pretty avid Raveler, you canNOT escape these people. I saw a convo taken down six or so minths ago in a group for LACE KNITTING(which doesn’t seem like a place for burning political discussions). It started out being a random lament from a lace knitter that they couldn’t read Russian or other Eastern European lang Read more

6/16/19 6:08PM

Yeah, the first like 5 or 6 apps I sent my scores straight from the college board. Yale was a wild hare suuuuuper late, I went to my guidance counselor to help me with that, found out later she never sent the scores along. I didn’t really think i had a shot so didn’t put a ton of effort in. 🤷‍♀️ If I had known there Read more

6/14/19 9:20PM

Ok. Lots of really shitty people started companies. And a company that faces up to its shitty history and tries to make some attempt at recourse is still ok in my book. 

6/13/19 11:23PM

My guidance counselor cost me acceptance to motherfuckin’ Yale. I had a really good GPA, a surprisingly high SAT, and extra curriculars out the wazoo. I applied at a few Kudzu league schools, a few back ups and decided “ what the hell. Send an application on to Yale for shits and giggles”. Somehow my SAT AND ACT scores Read more