Jan 11

The REAL truth: No corporation should be donating any money, to any politician, of any political affiliation, under any circumstances. Until we get publicly funded political campaigns, our system will have corruption built into it.

Jan 10

he’s in deep shit. as a retired officer, he can be recalled to active duty and subject to court martial. sentenced to Fort Leavenworth and receive a dishonorable discharge barring him from all VA disability and retirement income.

Jan 10

They already have the data, they didn’t turn PRISM off just because Snowden revealed its existence.

Jan 7


Jan 7

Democracy means sometimes you lose elections. If you don't recognize that, you aren't participating in a Democracy.

Jan 7

Except the 20 cops standing by would have dropped her in a heartbeat. You’re only allowed to carry a gun in public if you’re a white guy with a camo fetish.

Dec 29

SOUL is better than pretty much every movie on this list.

Dec 28

Sorry, gonna have to respectfully disagree the movie centered-white people to the detriment of the black lead or black elements of the movie. I also didn’t “read” 22 as white, but I always associated Soul Joe/cat Joe as black because the film established living Joe as a middle-aged black man chasing his jazz musician Read more

Dec 28

For me, I was also discouraged by the way it seemed like they were setting up 22 as having a passion for teaching and being a teacher, but then just sorta dropped the ball at the end in a ham-fisted rush to end the movie Read more

Dec 28

“What was 22's spark anyway? For me, I was also discouraged by the way it seemed like they were setting up 22 as having a passion for teaching and being a teacher...” Read more

Dec 28

But Soul frames these moments as belonging to 22 in a way that detracts from the movie’s message because they imply that Joe himself was never properly comfortable in them prior to his adventure. Read more

Dec 27

I don’t know. Part of my wants to stay “If you let yourself get angry and outraged by this, you’ll spend most of your life angry and outraged because this is the the normal.” Then I think “If you don’t get angry and outraged by this, this will always be the normal.”

Dec 25

I am sorry for your loss. May the ancestors welcome her and comfort you in the days and years ahead. Ase.