5/20/16 12:40PM

I think it’s time for all nations that want to participate in the Olympics to pony up a few dollars, euros, pounds, shekels, rupees, etc. and give them to Greece, where a permanent dedicated Olympic Village will be built. Greece has no money, but they can donate land. Building it will help the Greek economy. (Why Read more

5/19/16 3:10PM

Anyone who has played Words With Friends knows exactly how this works and I will MURDER THE NEXT MOTHERFUCKER WHO DROPS QI ON A TRIPLE LETTER TILE.

5/19/16 1:50PM

Appropriate as NFL defenses will be greeting Cousins with arms wide open all season long.

5/19/16 1:49PM

Interestingly, this actually does offend 9 out of 10 Native Americans.

5/19/16 12:39PM

Hi everyone. Please estimate how long in minutes my co-workers spent talking without interruption about Martha’s Facebook live yesterday.

5/19/16 12:32PM

I had a work meeting at her magazine last year, and she not only stopped in to say hi, she sat down, chatted with me, then we ate quiche together. She was lovely, but no-nonsense. It was surreal. Read more

5/18/16 6:27PM

Huh, usually for the super rich it’s “Keep sucking, or I won’t pay you.”