5/19/16 3:35PM

Meet me at the corner of Gunson and Grand River tonight, we can burn both of them together and discuss the fact Scott Stapp and Kid Rock were in a sex tape together.

5/16/16 11:30AM

(Sees LAX bro’s jersey read as “Ballbuster”)
(Tries to think of a smarmy joke about LAX bros)
(Wikipedias "Zima" out of curiousity)

5/12/16 2:46PM

Fallout: New Vegas. It's happening sooner than you'd think.

5/11/16 2:11PM

So... is going to pound town twice a day with my homeboy Right Said Fred and occassionaly bringing in Lefty Lefterson too many times in a day?

Asking for a friend...

5/06/16 10:02AM

“Duuude, check out those smoking hot ladies singing karaoke!”
“No, bra! They're trying to lure us in to buy them $10 dollar shots! It's not worth it!"

5/03/16 12:39PM

Fisting the popcorn bowl has so many applications.

4/18/16 1:52PM

Fuck yeah, Lions going with all black unis. Hopefully it will be on a day when there is a tv blackout, because irony.

4/08/16 1:51PM

I'm looking forward to his new ventures, including his clothing line - D'Brickashawls.

4/08/16 1:02PM

I have a really long Italian name, so my helpful tip - accept that people can’t pronounce it, provide an out with a nickname (“stiggs,” “Mr. (insert first initial of last name here),” etc.) and just relax. Or if someone is butchering it, throw them a curveball for the fuck of it.

“Mr... uh... Geer-ee? Geeraye?”
“It's Read more

4/05/16 4:10PM

Since when did Deadspin start collaborating with the Onion regarding their content?

4/05/16 2:36PM

A vote for the scrote is a vote for hope!

4/01/16 3:08PM

I’m an in-betweener - I squat when I wipe. I don’t stand up because I’m a taller gentleman and feel weird leering at people over the partion with my hand buried into my ass, and I can’t wipe myself while sitting because if I scoot up enough to give myself ample wiping room, my balls wipe across the rim of the toilet, Read more

3/31/16 4:23PM

We sure he didn't try to type out something else using Iggy Azaela's ass as a proxy to his own fingers? That might explain the hate for hot dogs, breakfast foods, social media faux paus and snitches, since that ass of hers is probably sentient and probably hates all of those things.

3/16/16 9:13AM

My grandpa does the same thing, but he calls them "coloreds."

3/14/16 2:58PM

It's like the graphic art found on pouches of Capri Sun in the mid 90's came to life!

2/29/16 10:17AM

Oh man... you post one naughty video online, and the next thing you know you're going down the gopher hole.

2/26/16 12:34PM

(Unintelligible shrieking of Jerry Lawler)