Jul 14

I thought Show Yourself, Into the Unknown, Lost in the Woods, and The Next Right Thing were all at least equal to Let it Go.  Loved everything about Frozen 2 except Olaf’s song.

Jul 14

I thought “Show Yourself” was an absolute emotional gut punch. The whole thing felt like a triumphant coming out song. If you listen to the lyrics through that lens as I did it’s incredibly powerful. The “I am found!” part gets me every time. And it bookends with “Into the Unknown” really well, which also can be Read more

Jun 16

I certainly wasn’t expecting it to switch genres after the first act and change to the rhythm game, Just the Dance of Us.

Jun 9

Who would want to look at one of those things stoned? Sounds like a good way to get nightmares if you ask me.

Jun 4

It had a lot of interesting ideas though, and sometimes just having ideas is enough to set you apart in this space.
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Apr 12

You sound like the type of person to point out when someone misuses the term “Kafkaesque.”

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Apr 9

How do you write about the worst & weirdest FF games and leave out FF VII: Dirge of Cerberus, the 3rd person (with optional 1st person mode, for masochists) FF shooting game? Read more

Apr 7

Wow. I love these 2 but man, pretentious city!  Am I trying to have an enjoyable 24 hour marathon or graduate film school with a PhD?!  

Apr 3

First Gizmodo article about Animal Crossing “The zero interest loan in this children’s game is too stressful” Read more

Apr 3

Should the characters also get cancer and every other depressing thing that can happen in real life?