Jun 20

I've always felt they should include the standard deviation with reviews to help better represent the spread. 

Jun 13

Sitting inside, for two plus hours, with constantly recirculating air from an AC, means it doesn't matter if the seating is six feet apart or whatever. With the AC it might not even matter if everyone in your screening is healthy - if someone, somewhere in the theater is sick and sitting there for a long time, there's Read more

May 24

Can't wait for the evidence of the 1702 year-old Kickstarter that funded it

May 12

Mario Golf Advanced Tour, and the tennis game one too. It drives me crazy that they nailed the golf RPG thing and haven't done it that well sense. 

Apr 21

When I was a teenager, I saved money for months at my job at KB Toys to by my sister (a year younger) a GBA and Mario Kart for her birthday, because I knew it was her favorite game. Read more

Apr 9

The DS remake did a much better job with the III classes - in the original two of the classes are the most powerful and the only way to beat the game is two have two of each. The remake made these classes less obviously powerful to encourage variety. It still kept the terrible save system though.

Apr 6

I don’t really mind the approach, but... it’s never going to be finished right? What percent chance is there that this is the only one we get and whatever flourishes or new changes they hint at will be left untold? Read more

Mar 29

I like how the team up between Mchazard doing the TAS research and the players using that to get the records sort of parallels the relationship between a trainer and boxer/manage. Very appropriate! Read more

Mar 20

Im sorely tempted to start again because I got two bears on my first try

Mar 17

It released on PS3 in the states too, that's how I played it. 

Feb 5

I'll be honest, reading all the stories about Ocarina makes me feel like an hour is amateurishly long. (I know I'm bring unreasonable)

Nov 18

A few months ago I bought an AC PS3 collection that was ported to PS4, and Black Flag didn't have the ability to suspend on the PS4. It was super frustrating to have to reload every time and was one reason I gave up playing it. As a dad I like to squeeze gaming wherever I can, and the Switch's easy ability to suspend Read more