May 11

Between this and the sudden unexpected release of that $10 side game, they seem sorta desperate... 

Apr 29

Would love Event Horizon as a video game, sure. But these folks decided to make it a Souls-like, and were so wedded to duplicating that combat system that they ended up with silly looking stuff like dudes walking around a space station with battleaxes and bucklers.

Apr 28

Loved this show (and the music). Good to hear that it’s getting another season.

May 13 2019

The dragons are WMDs. They were always going to kill a bunch of innocent people. That’s the entire fucking point of them. 

May 10 2019

Black people want to see themselves in games—not as a stereotype that other people think they are, but as they actually are. As people. Read more

Apr 4 2019

It’s a world/setting for a tabletop RPG (for example, Dungeons and Dragons). You use this book plus whatever tabletop RPG rules you prefer to adventure in this particular world.

Apr 2 2019

They are, as FromSoftware director Hidetaka Miyazaki said, about letting “players experience a sense of accomplishment through overcoming difficulties.” Read more

Mar 29 2019

It was a bad P2W game. Even if they can fix the P2W aspect, they can’t make it a fun game.

Mar 27 2019

It was a quick and shitty ripoff of someone else’s idea anyway. Total dumb luck that it was the one to take off.

Feb 25 2019

Also, 90% of the GOG mentions I heard last year were about their social media dude being nazi and making various shitty bigoted jokes. That can’t have helped.

Feb 8 2019

That sort of end of session vote is a very common mechanic in many other indie RPGs. 

Feb 7 2019

You can’t murder a 100 million people, steal their land, enslave, rape, torture, and forcibly convert the survivors to your religion and language, and then complain when they use the language “wrong”. I mean, you can, but it makes you a monster.

Jan 23 2019

Still staggered at how many people didn’t get the Switch’s obvious appeal when it was announced.

Jan 9 2019

There are no Chernobog worshipers outside of fiction. You can’t appropriate a dead god/religion. Also, Chernobog was viewed as the source of evil by his parent culture.