May 12

60fps cutscenes look like I’m watching a Soap Opera.

Twitch-based/competetive gameplay I totally get wanting as many of the Eff Pees as you can get, but when I’m watching a story cutscene and it feels like some Days of our Lives shit where Judith is about to reveal to Randy that the child is actually Father Horatio’s Read more

May 4

Copyright protection and data security are very different tasks performed by completely separate teams. 

May 17 2019

It’s a very interesting tactic. Trying to get ahead of a story about crunch by saying “Yeah, we’re crunching and nothing will change”. Read more

Apr 6 2019

I’ll take Epic exclusives any day over the legion of man babies crying over basically nothing. Read more

Apr 4 2019

Literally the first thing that I was drawn to with the epic stores was the lack of user reviews. The last couple of years have shown very clearly that those are only abused by mobs online and they can never be trusted. Good of them to prove the point.

Apr 4 2019

Nothing’s going to prove the value of Steam as a store more than abusing its user review system and proving yet again that Valve has no more than a handful of people dedicated to taking care of it and preventing this kind of abuse of its systems.
Read more

Apr 4 2019

When I saw the headline I was so excited because I thought it was referring to the Broken Earth trilogy.  Which everyone should read and then greenlight into a movie franchise.

Apr 3 2019

Exclusives are a way of creating competition between storefronts. Epic has drawn a line in the sand labeled 12% and now expects Steam to step up if they want games to be drawn back to their storefront. 30% is an INSANE royalty rate and they only got away with it because there wasn’t an alternative. Now there is. Read more

Mar 27 2019

I never thought that Minecraft being bought out by a multi-billion dollar corporation would end up being a good thing.

Mar 25 2019

this actually sounds pretty interesting to me.  as an open world stealth game explore goblin tunnels, forests, trade w/ goblins and other nasties.  man, I want to play that game.

Mar 25 2019

This game needs riddles. I would play a game where you play as Gollum and he casually brings up riddles with NPCs.

Mar 21 2019

Kickstarter can fail. Our company is looking for funding to secure our financials, as we’ve heard in multiple All Hands communications. If we add a union into the mix, it could make it near impossible for Kickstarter to raise a round.

Mar 19 2019

Less ergonomic for games that use both sticks, though. Or the d-pad.

Feb 25 2019

I feel like GoG used to have a very focused market: old games that worked on modern systems.
But now the service is full of newer games and often they’re cheaper on rival platforms and DRM free just isn’t that big a selling point to most people.
That said I have bought a lot of games from GoG (119 in my library Read more