May 27 2016

The gardenia candles, organic pb&j, and Secret clinched it. Luda is wooing my mother.

May 27 2016

That’s a lot of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for a 13-minute “concert”. 5 t-shirts? 5 towels? Is he soaking the towels in juice and squeezing them into his mouth? Does he have a battery-powered towel squeezer which is why he needs all those batteries? I have so many questions.

Mar 31 2016

Sorry that happens for you. It’s the other side of the depression coin for me. Once i learned they were panic attacks they kind of went away but depression is a long term companion. SSRIs don’t really help and I wont go down the benzo road so I’ve just learned that sometimes I’m going to feel really hopeless and have Read more

Mar 25 2016

It’s got something for everyone. From high-brow (theater, museums—Museum of Anthropology is a must, music, etc), to low-brow (cantinas, lucha libre, street food—only eat cooked and hot food, etc), from old, to new, noisy public areas to quiet private ares, 30 centuries of history. It’s climate is great, 50F-80F pretty Read more

Mar 24 2016

They should just build down like the did in Mexico City

Mar 13 2016

I met him once and he was as delightful IRL as he is on TV. I hope he is well :(