6/16/21 11:28AM

The vibe is on there because it is a Toyota underneath. Funny story, once really pissed off a guy bragging about his new “American” Vibe on FB and how no import held a candle to “American Made” by just telling him to look under the hood for 30 Toyota badges sprinkled on all the parts. I wish I were there to see how Read more

6/01/21 5:48PM

Couple of Toyota Supras would pull a premium one week before race wars.

5/21/21 10:02AM

Also, I doubt anything smaller than the 12" display is going in the infotainment system since ford basically completely ditched those little 4" displays so another win for the base model. You might not get a digital cluster and a ton of speakers though which is fine with me. I have my fingers crossed for a decently Read more

5/21/21 1:16AM

Its low starting price (which, if we’re going to be honest, is really in the $50,000s. That sub $40,000 price is going to be for the bare-bones commercial version) and Ford making the best selling vehicle in America an EV will broaden its appeal. Hopefully for Ford, this will bring in customers that have been on Read more

5/17/21 6:43PM

Right “I would wear it in lines but not while sitting in the grass watching a race.” is what I expected. The reality was that I saw twelve people wearing masks, total. Including in line for the bathroom and concessions. 

5/17/21 6:39PM

Did you honestly expect most people to be wearing masks?  Not debating if people should or not, just wondering if others expect mass mask wearing outdoors at this point.  My expectation at this point is most people have given up and just don’t care anymore.  I wear mine indoors, but outdoors at an event like this I Read more

5/13/21 11:09AM

There’s a very good reason insurance companies charge an arm and leg to insure teens. Do I want one behind the wheel of a semi next to me? NO WAY

5/06/21 11:54AM

For a such bad idea, they executed the body & paint flawlessly.

4/27/21 9:21AM

Hate the wheel more than almost any I’ve ever seen but you’re still right. 

4/27/21 8:53AM

but maybe the worst steering wheel this side of a pirate ship

4/24/21 6:31PM

If Formula E wants to be taken seriously, they need to ease up on the gimmicks. The fan boost thing is silly. Diminishing power because of a safety car is even sillier and I’ve hated it for awhile. Safety cars/cautions are part of racing and always throw an interesting wrench into strategies, it’s fun to watch teams Read more

4/23/21 5:25PM

Ironically, the Mustang is one of the easier fixes.  Pop the cover off of the steering wheel and take out like four screws.

4/21/21 9:31AM

Nearly every initial press account of this incident- which was based on the secondhand accounts of family members- was completely contradicted by the bodycam footage. Heres a picture of the dead girl about to plunge a six inch knife into the woman in pink