6/16/21 2:16PM

Looks like the Civic finally completed it’s transformation into an Accord. 

6/16/21 11:28AM

The vibe is on there because it is a Toyota underneath. Funny story, once really pissed off a guy bragging about his new “American” Vibe on FB and how no import held a candle to “American Made” by just telling him to look under the hood for 30 Toyota badges sprinkled on all the parts. I wish I were there to see how Read more

5/27/21 9:42AM

Yeah, probably why no one bought it haha. I would say 200 is the min for me too. Basically everything can do that now, which is maybe why electric cars are picking up steam. 

5/27/21 8:44AM

They made one like 3 years ago, not sure how good it was since almost no one bought it.

5/21/21 1:46PM

Right, I have a fully loaded Mustang GT I take out when I want to cruise in style, but in the winter and for my side business, I just need something to haul dogs, some furniture, and has good efficiency. This thing sounds like just about the best all around utility vehicle you can get(unless towing, then who knows) Read more

5/21/21 10:02AM

Also, I doubt anything smaller than the 12" display is going in the infotainment system since ford basically completely ditched those little 4" displays so another win for the base model. You might not get a digital cluster and a ton of speakers though which is fine with me. I have my fingers crossed for a decently Read more

5/21/21 9:58AM

And you know you are in the first 5,000 how? I reserved early too and my number is like 8 digits. Plus, reserving doesn’t get you a place in line just so you know.

5/19/21 2:28PM

Being a manual, does that mean you can be faster shifting through the gears? Or does first and second just turn into tire burn mode?

5/06/21 10:44AM

And the execution appears to be top notch, not just some random cut ‘er up, and weld ‘er together in an evening job.

4/29/21 9:11AM

People with little pee pees who need to haul a single 2x4 every 2 years. 

4/23/21 1:12PM

It’s hilarious how many people in the Mustang groups I am in on Facebook (mostly for the used part sales!) have not gotten this done and actually post pictures and laugh at the recall cards and emails and phone calls and fucking telegrams I am sure at this point they are getting telling them to get this fixed like Read more

4/21/21 10:39AM

Damn, looks like the code doesn’t work anymore, but still a great deal at $3.33 each, still way less than the $15 monthly charge. I think I might have bought the last 6 codes though, shows out of stock now.

Damn, looks like the code doesn’t work anymore, but still a great deal at $3.33 each, still way less than the $15

4/16/21 1:31PM

*Edit* Saturn Sky, I’m surprised this was up for over 2 hours and no one noticed my mashup lol

4/16/21 11:15AM

Just experienced this booking a trip to LA in June this morning. The cheapest POS car at the big stores was over $100 a day! Ended up with a nice Saturn Solstice for about $50 a day on Turo. They also had a ton of cheap econo cars for between $25 and $40 a day so that is probably your best bet right now for rentals.

4/15/21 3:57PM

Looks like a business opportunity for someone with a vinyl cutter to make $100 a pop on $2 cut of vinyl to smooth out that line.

4/08/21 8:12AM

I bet most of these are bought by dispensary or grow owners and put on their company cars. No way I would put one on my car, it’s just asking to be pulled over, not to mention what my co workers or boss would think pulling into work with one. 

4/02/21 8:00AM

I have an ‘04 Vue with the Honda V6 and AWD and love it! Picked it up as a beater for $3k with 170,000 miles on it but still runs strong and the AWD is a ton of fun in the winter! The only diff between this and the Redline was cosmetic and a bit lower/stiffer suspension I thought, engine was the exact same output as Read more

3/19/21 12:28PM

THIS^^ Take that shit off when not using it. Even pulling in forward causes issues because it sticks out in traffic. I have more than once almost gouged a car on a hitch because it was sticking a foot out the back of the truck and I didn’t see it until I was basically on it.

3/05/21 7:30AM

But that’s the thing, people with higher incomes were not spending the extra money. They were putting it in their savings or investment accounts because they already had what they need and wanted. That’s what I did with mine.