2 hrs ago

We were supposed to have flying cars now, goddamnit. Instead, we got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Uber. The future sucks.

2 hrs ago

Sounds like when I got a ticket in the mail from some cop supervisor after THREE of his cops witnessed an incident I had and didn’t give me one (because it was unwarranted) and if I wanted to appeal it, I risked being fined $1000 if I lost. You’ll never guess what I did instead.

3:47 PM

The whiney rage of the slightly less rich people who’s view of the Central Park is blocked by this taller building is the only positive.

3:45 PM

I feel like Stephen Miller is the scariest guy in the administration. He’s not the VP or prez, but he’s got a lot of influence, and is white supremacist as fuck. I think your average person would kind of mentally place him in the background, but his influence is a lot greater than just a ‘background figure’.

3:27 PM

I’m sure these units will make their eventual Chinese billionaire owners happy.

3:13 PM

So when are the floors in the Trump Tower going to be renumbered so 45 can point to the 145th floor sign and claim it’s the tallest building in New York?

3:11 PM

Wow; a “voter tax” maneuver. Stephen (Montgomery Burns) Miller is throwing anything against the wall to see if it sticks.

3:06 PM

Oh, the NYC status dog. That dog says it all. Forget the stepford wife there, if you have a dog like that in NYC, you’re ballin’. I used to live on Broadway and 107th, and between Broadway and Riverside you’d see all these people with two wolfhounds on a leash, walking around like, “That’s right, I have space for two

2:46 PM

Four apartments will be occupied. These will all be sold to foreign buyers as an investment.

2:44 PM

I was in midtown the other day and saw this giant Popsicle stick---then thinking “did they forget to build the sides?”

6:48 PM

No, not trolling and no, burglary is not an emergency. Burglaries are what cops will have you sitting around for an hour waiting on them while they eat their goddamn doughnuts before they come over to you. It is not, nor has it ever been an emergency for which lights and sirens are needed and if you’re in a cop car

6:25 PM

That’s a great point I didn’t think of....a burglary. Not even armed? Around here you’ll wait a good hour at least before an officer responds.

6:08 PM

In other words, this piece of shit prosecutor didn’t want to try the motherfucker. How the fuck is it more on the person on the motorbike to get out of the way of the asshole going 30 miles over the speed limit with no sirens or goddamn lights?