Oct 16

It’s not only the cost advantage, it’s just that the majority of people don’t have 4K TVs for the Series X to be worth it when it comes to comparing tradeoffs. If you don’t have a 4K TV it’s almost a waste to go for the Series X. If you plan on getting a 4K TV to utilise the Series X then you’re really spending a bit Read more

Oct 16

I’m privileged enough that I’ve usually ended up having each console of every generation at some point, even if sometimes it’s a few years later. For the last decade or so there’s been so much redundancy between PS and Xbox, and especially with the most recent generation, as they largely had the same power, the same Read more

Oct 16

It still blows my mind that sony launched a full spec version of a new console for $400 in 2020, and I can’t help but think the pricing of the Series S (even with it’s lower specs) forced their hand a little there. Read more

Oct 16

I’m a big fan of having the three major console producers using different strategies to attract consumers. Read more

Sep 8

Originally THPS was supposed to be a downhill racing game. That’s what Tony wanted. Thankfully Activision was like “That’s boring as shit” and made the best games ever. Note that Tony finally got what he wanted years later, and of course.... it sucked. Downhill Jam is terrible.

Jul 2

“Once again”? SNES games were $50, and often $60. N64 games were $60, and often $70 (e.g., Super Mario 64, Killer Instinct, Pilotwings). During this, PS1 and PS2 games were never more than $50. Heck, regular NES games cost $50 30 years ago. Nintendo has never been the cheap player on the block (Edit: Didn’t think Read more

Jun 25

I think at one point your argument was right, but imo the $60 price point is a non-issue. Most publishers release multiple editions of games now, and actively marketing the higher priced editions, and we’ve also seen a more diverse pricing range for games because of independent publishing and I suspect the various Read more

Jun 24

A lot of this is pretty directly traceable to artificial market constructs. Those, sadly, are usually the effects of what businesses think customers want meeting what customers are willing to accept without quite getting either right. Read more

Jun 22

That’s fast. A one month notice. Mixer at least seemed to have been picking up a little steam the last few months. But who the hell watches Facebook gaming? It’s not even easy to find. It’s so mired in the existing Facebook architecture that it’s confusing to tell if what your viewing is FB gaming or some other FB Read more

Jun 12

I bought this bundle and have been using a random number generator to pick what game to download and try, but I really wish there was a way built into the site to do this lol.