Wonderfully Disastrous
Oct 14

There are much worse vehicles to get emotionally attached to. Sometimes you’ll be happier taking the financial hit for keeping the story intact. Highlander is a good truck. Read more

Aug 17

I would rather cut out the middle man and just wear a sign that says “Laugh at my penis.” More effective and cheaper that way. No Dice.

Aug 6

I just bought a 1988 Cutlass Ciera XC as a project, had been gathering/ordering parts for months and awaiting for it to arrive.

Jul 24

If you can find one and ship it from mexico, a 2 dr “chevy cutlass eurosport” (olds cutlass ciera here) can be had with a 5 spd and 2.8 v6 for about 5k in excellent shape, loads of fun to be had and i bet the only one of its kind in the state.

Jul 13

It's a pretty survivor, for sure. But it's along the same lines as my ciera: even the best of the best examples max out at 2500. The bronco 2, even optioned like this one, just wasn't a good car,and an even worse truck. Max 3k on this, personally. 

Jun 22

My last CRT was a 40 inch sony, and I can’t even know how heavy it was, took 3 of us to get it in the house. When we moved out, we bought a flat screen and removed the old 40 inch via tow rope and Oldsmobile.