Wonderfully Disastrous
Oct 14

You need to keep that car forever. Teach her to drive in it. Give it to her when she goes to college. Brass baby slippers got nothing on this car. You can literally give her the room where it happened. Sure, once she understands she may never sit in that seat again, but a minor disadvantage... Read more

Oct 9

If it’s the fucking Changli I will burn this website to the ground

Oct 8

You know, my initial reaction was horror. Much of my life was spent with Cutlass Cieras, which pretty much didn’t change from the early eighties to the late nineties. When I was first introduced to one, as the ‘rents’ “New Car” to replace the E28 they had in Germany, I had nightmares from that suspension and handling. Read more

Oct 8

I dunno, they ride nice. If you remove the original motor, a 350 fits in a little snug, but it fits. They’re plenty of room for headers and dual 2" out the back. Many of them came standard with posi as well. The long and short of it is you can get one cheap and dump a big motor under the hood and no one sees you and Read more

Sep 30

There certainly is a similarity between both Michelin and BK’s principle product.

Sep 30

In that moment, Randall stopped owning a Ford Expedition. He picked up his keys, and began gathering the supplies needed to change his status among Apache Junction’s HOA: This is a case of Keystone, a hacksaw, and years of pent up frustration. Read more

Sep 5

Most people who follow racing even the slightest amount have heard of all of those people. These are not obscure racers at all. Ribbs is maybe the only one who isn’t as well known, but he definitely should be.

Sep 5

Difficult tasks often look effortless, when they’re perfectly executed. There’s an elegant economy of motion here, every weave executed exactly the same as the last. Read more

Sep 4

You probably didn't watch the 2nd video, or read the transcript. The guy could have went another way. Bye 🤡

Aug 24

They would likely reinstate the death penalty for that one.

Oct 2 2013

Well, at least we know where Cave Johnson was working in the 50s and 60s...