Wonderfully Disastrous
Feb 23

Ah yes, the custom muffler delete. I know exactly what that means: Dylan here showed up to Meineke where his buddy Eddie is a tech. Eddie installed some “custom made” mandrel bends, and just... didn’t put on any mufflers. Read more

Jan 11

As a former neon owner, who’s car was actually totalled, twice.  I approve as well.

Jan 2

Hoping this was a typo. 6 and 4 are next to 7 and 5 on the keyboard. Otherwise, this is, uh, Google-able. 

Dec 16

This car, along with the mid-size A-platform, really saved GM’s bacon after the twin small-car disasters of the ‘70s: Vega and X-platform. It’s main virtue was simplicity and reliability, which was the best GM could possibly hope for from it’s early FWD experiments. Read more

Dec 4

Be my guest. On that performance, I’m going to hold out until about Steed8.

Dec 2

I saw a rural mailman driving a Cutless (Ciera) Cruiser yesterday and could only be dumbfounded that the USPS actually allowed mail to be loaded into that vehicle.

Dec 2

Nice I liked the Old’s to and the XC looks sweet!

Nov 5

Hmmmmm. Not sure what to make of this. All of that expensive work, a new (?) transmission, new wheels, not a ton of miles (we’ve got a 2007 328ix that’s north of 175K right now) and much etc. Yet now he’s got it for sale? I don’t grok that, but hey, life events especially in 2020 are like that . . .
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Nov 2

Mine was the dark red on dark red velour...very period correct for GM of the time. Read more