Joy Olivia Miller

Hahahaha... Love-Love-Love! Thank you. :) Read more

I totally understand. I recently started to reread some of my old Nancy Drews that my mom unearthed and they're just as good this time around (maybe even better)! <3 Read more

That he drew a heart on it warms my heart. What a cute way to personalize the picture, you lucky duck. :) Read more

I love this story. What a treasure! No wonder you consider it one of the coolest things that's happened to you. I'm so jealous. <3 Read more

Lisa Frank stationary is the only way to go when writing celebs, obvs. Sorry Mariah didn't respond. Let's hope that actually she did and her reply just got lost in the mail?! :) Read more

Reagan?! That's awesome. I wrote to Nancy, but I didn't get a reply. I thought it was so cool that she was friends with Mr. T. (I am old, too.) <3 Read more

Amazing. Now that's a prize! Very jealous. Read more

Love this! I wrote to Steve Martin, too, after falling in love with him in Three Amigos and Roxanne, and he sent a *very* funny form letter and signed photo. What a wild and crazy (and generous) guy! :) Read more

Jealous! Your husband has good taste make me want to write Pacey. I got a serious Joshua Jackson crush when I got addicted to Fringe.

PS: He sounds cute and definitely like he's a keeper. ;) Read more

A love letter to Slash? You are a woman after my own heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE. <3 Read more

Okay, game over. You win the Internet for today. This is precious. <3 Read more

Now that is an above-and-beyond response. How cool that she even included a book recommendation and the mission patch. What treasures! Read more

Wow! I would love to see that postcard. I loved Beverly Cleary. How delightful to hear that she was just as witty in her penpaling with fans as she was when she wrote her fantastic books. Thanks for leaving your story! :) Read more

Aw, that's so awesome that he sent you a thank you note back. Very cool! I hope it is still at your parents' house and not lost. :) Read more

That little touch, though, was enough to make you feel special. I love that she did that for you! :) Thanks for leaving your story. Read more

For shame! If it makes you feel any better, I wrote to Hulk Hogan and Junkyard Dog way back in the day when I was in my writing mode. Neither replied then. Let's just think that perhaps the WWF never forwarded our notes on to our wrestling heroes?

PS: That's so cool about the poet. Writers are pretty much the best. <3 Read more

Okay, now Sally Ride is my all-time favorite astronaut for this alone. Always thought she was cool, but now it's confirmed she's brilliant and lovely. Thank you for leaving this awesome story! <3 Read more

Ricky Schroder—How rad! Silver Spoons was the best show, and I can only imagine the volume of mail he received. How special that you actually got all those treats back after writing to him. I hope your parents did keep that picture safe for you. How fun would it be to see the letter again, too? Thanks for leaving your… Read more

Now that is completely lovely. What a guy. Love this story. You should totally write him again to say thanks. I bet it would mean a lot. <3 Read more