Maaaan, when has it NOT been the age of the manchild? I’m pushing 50 & am still waiting for those motherfuckers to go out of fashion. Tick tock.... Read more

Sounds like he needs some advice from The Reductress: Read more

In 2012 (?) and always:

Brown’s offensive reference to the wrong ethnic origin goes nicely with Ansari’s joke about people telling him to “go back to...the country you’re from!”. His follow up is that the racists tend to not be geography buffs. Read more

We truly are living through the golden age of the man child, aren’t we? Read more

Maybe he can’t catch a break because of all the shitty things he continues to do without apologizing. Read more

“Chris Brown further proves point.” Read more

Kara, I don’t want to derail this piece. I am glad you wrote it. But please get Jezebel to write about how POC are being marginalized within the Democratic party. Read more

I work for an advocacy organization. We all went to the march, with our friends and our families. Read more

FYI, clinics tend to ask not to have counter protests at their sites because they already have trained patient escorts and any more people just adds stress. Pro PP events elsewhere in your city would probably be great though. Read more

“I also know several people who felt excluded ... and I think it’s because it was about so many things at once.”
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Uh... you know that diverse groups have diverse opinions and people get to voice them. Progressive people tend to get this. It’s not “infighting” or “eating your own” or whatever else detractors want to call it. Our diverse movement can support and respect multiple opinions at the same time - even ones individuals Read more

You reject every source that’s not your own as unreliable. You indict Simon Wiesenthal, of all people, as a fabulist who made up numbers. I don’t even know what to make of this, but I sense you’re not debating in good faith. Read more

Let’s also remember that the Weimar Republic, and Germany during the interwar period, was socially a very progressive place. Jews had more rights in Germany than in practically any other part of Europe where there was a significant Jewish population. There was a vibrant Gay and Lesbian scene. Also vibrant Marxist and Read more

She and Martin Luther King Jr. were born the same year. Read more

This is so gross that you’d choose to do this.
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Nazi Germany did kill others including- from wiki and including documented proof 
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The preferred term is “Killing Center.” We [Holocaust scholars] try not to call the the 5 Killing Centers (denoted because they had gas chambers) “Death camps” anymore because death occurred at all of the concentration camps, over 40,000 of them. Also, it puts the agency on the killers, and the choices they made to Read more

This is, uh, a timely discovery. Read more

These little heart-rending human touches do us a service in remembrance. It’s hard to encompass the idea of 11 million people murdered in death camps; it cuts us closer to reality to see the life of one or two of the victims and try to understand what they went through, and then realize that everyone murdered in those Read more