Gosh, I don’t know where to start. You know how you’re all praising mass movements as a mechanism of political action? Well, many people have been engaging in action outside voting for years. It’s the only strategy that’s won actual progress. And people who smugly declare that voting for Hillary would’ve solved Read more

This is mostly word salad so I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say? Read more

The people for whom this is a “first step” are the people who thought voting democrat would save them. People who voted stein, or la riva, or don’t believe voting is the end of political engagement, are already activists. Read more

In most cities, as far as I know, there’s no central BLM leadership. There are lots of groups involved in anti-racist and anti-police violence movements. Loads of white people show up not just as participants but as organizers too. Show up and see how you can help, don’t wait for an engraved invitation. Read more

Kara, have you been to previous feminist marches (not that this one was very feminist)? Read more

Yep, you get what you pay for. Read more

It’s bootlicking and it’s disgusting. They probably think if they grovel enough he’ll reopen Brookley or some shit. It’d be sad or maybe even funny, if only their stupidity didn’t have such awful consequences. Read more

Yeah they really should’ve known better. Even conservatives love the trees. Read more

Not just parental behavior, but environmental influences too. Getting caught up trying to find a correlation between cannabis use and adverse outcomes seems to ignore the many specific adverse childhood experiences we already KNOW contribute to the behaviors in question. Read more

Wellbutrin is really great for treating depression with anhedonia, hypersomnia, psychomotor retardation, and fatigue. There are few antidepressants with similar mechanism of action and it doesn’t have a lot of side effects so it’s often the first try. Read more

People aren’t protesting the results; they’re protesting the racist, sexist rhetoric empowered by the Trump campaign and now endorsed by the electorate. We’re demonstrating opposition to the values America just endorsed. Read more

It wasn’t their “most progressive platform ever;” the democrats were more progressive in the 60s ffs. Read more

You know what’s scary to me? Grown-ass adults hysterical over people in costumes. There has not been a single incident of an actual threat. People need to calm the fuck down. Read more

It’s funny how police attacking peaceful protesters is always described as “protest turned violent.” Seems like the more accurate description would be “police attack protesters,” and yet that’s NEVER the narrative, is it? -_- Read more

This probably happens, but it’s misleading to present it as the major child sex trafficking issue in the U.S., at least based on existing evidence. Read more

Yeah I work at a group home. It’s rough, but at least they’re alive :/ Read more

I couldn’t find anything that would take my eyeliner & mascara off so I went back to cold cream from my stage makeup class too, high five! I usually just take it into the shower with me, smear it all over my face and wait a bit, then wipe it off with a washcloth. If I’m not showering, same deal but at the sink. Just Read more

I couldn’t find anything that would take my eyeliner & mascara off so I went back to cold cream from my stage makeup

Welp this little exchange about gay history really helped me understand how I can disagree so completely with commenters I usually star. They’re the same kinda folks I lock horns with about Hillary and feminist history, too. Read more

If you show up to a police brutality protest in Southern California you will find there's a lot of fighting together. The brown berets are a consistent presence, for example. Read more

I went to LIPA. I'd imagine it brought a whole lotta money into the area. Read more