Jordaneer, The Mountaineer Man
Aug 2 2016

Damnit Doug, we gonna miss you around here. I remember sending you a secret Santa at Christmas of 2014, (hope you still have those diecast cars:). Anywho gonna miss you Read more

May 7 2016

Do you have any idea how hard it is to actually roll out fiber? It’s a pretty damn hard process, Google ain’t being slow, but unlike musk or Zuckerburg, at least Google is actually doing something about it.

Apr 12 2016

Yes, he confirmed that it was cancelled on Twitter around December, apparently the ratings for the show had it as too old an audience.

Feb 24 2016

Is that your hummer at 6:34 in the video? 😝(yes I know you sold it) anyway damn Vermonters having fun on ice when all the lakes in northern Idaho arent frozen at all😢 anyway, great column as always Doug.

Feb 5 2016

Wat? Why not merely ask a friend to drive you to a NAPA or something, if something breaks on my car, I’m not waiting for amazon to deliver a part in 2 days or more. I’m getting it fixed as soon as I can.

Dec 29 2015

In a way its the best car show there is because all other car shows are scripted for the outcome to some degree, I like TGUS, but it was definately that way, and I also like TGUK, but same with it, roadkill was real, when they failed, it was shown and gone along with, I was worried that the dodge sponsorship would Read more