Jordaneer, The Mountaineer Man
Jan 29 2016

He lives in that car. He gets better cable reception with the wipers up like antlers.

Nov 24 2015

Heh, I live in the Spokane area and I have a ‘91 Toyota pickup. But not this one. (Then again he lists it as a ‘92 in the title, seems mildly confused, oddly enough.) The fact that you called it “northern Idaho” tells me you may not be native though. You probably don’t even ride the left lane on the interstate. Read more

Oct 27 2015

I think he’s referring to nocturnal emissions.

Oct 3 2015

No, Anthony. Franklin (Delano) Roosevelt bought our freedom with LSD.

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Sep 20 2015

The joggers are what get me. Is there something inferior about the sidewalk that you’d rather run on the side of the road, tripping over drainage ditches? Read more

Sep 20 2015

I actually got sassed at by a bicyclist a few days ago, but she thought I was parking on the bike lane when I was waiting for this one guy to get out from the curb a few seconds later.

Sep 17 2015

“We encourage you to buy our licensed locks because we charge companies for the privalege of having our stamp on them. We can assure you that these locks serve no actual purpose, and your luggage would actually be safer if you locked it with a paperclip”