Jun 26

Can he and the rest of the GOP just say nigger and get it over with? I mean really we get what you are trying to say. Just be honest. Oh if Mr. Cotton wants to talk about unfair representation why should a state like Montana, or South Dakota or Arkansas have more representation than say California, New York or Read more

Jun 25

I was actually expecting the winner of THAT particular sweepstakes to be Lindsey “Oh my! The vapours!” Graham. 

Jun 25

I have given birth to none. I have fostered seven in my home. I have financially supported two Africans throughout their childhood. I am auntie to none by blood, I am auntie to at least 10 otherwise. I have pics of Japanese, Ethiopian and Caucasian kids on my mantel right now. But I take great care NOT to elevate Read more

Jun 23

Can you believe how little it fucking takes to enrage white people, compared to how much shit white people expect black people to accept graciously?

Jun 22

Indiana is an open air walmart, it’s provided 2 clowns to the vice presidency and Dan Quayle is by far the smartest of the pair, quite a legacy.

Jun 18

Especially amazing considering the resistance cops have to wearing a bodycamera on duty. You don’t want a record of how you do your armed tax paid job but a video of THIS shameful display is okay with you?

Jun 18

Well I work with some Karens who “Oh my God, I can’t stand this lockdown anymore I need to go to” the next red state over with more lax rules. Their fancy walled garden is going arid and running out of Xanax. Read more

Jun 18

...I actually prefer when they ask you to pull over to the side because baby, it means that food’s gonna be fresh. She was on her way home. Take the extra 5 minutes to sip your coffee and decompress. Like, did she really want a soggy McMuffin that’d been dying in the window for 20 minutes?

Jun 12

I’m from Knoxville and while it’s definitely not at all what it was like when I was growing up, UT keep it more even keeled racially than basically anywhere in a 20 mile radius of Knoxville. Read more