4/12/21 7:44PM

Furthermore every modern car has an auto-lock feature that locks the doors after a certain speed threshold is reached. So how the FUCK is he supposed to open his door from the outside without first reaching inside to unlock the door, which would have likely resulted in a barrage of gunfire? Read more

4/12/21 12:40PM

“...It is, of course, largely because Nazario is a “perfect victim.” He’s not only military, but clearly in uniform, so people can be even angrier that the police would do this to OUR TROOPS.” Read more

4/12/21 12:10PM

And all that ignores that there is absolutely zero reason for police to have ever pulled their guns out. The fact that people believe cops acting this way is at all acceptable is sad. 

4/12/21 12:08PM

Yeah, if I have psycho cops with guns pointed at me outright saying ON CAMERA that they’re gonna kill me (no idea how else you’re supposed to interpret “ride the lightning”), I am a fucking statue from that point forward. Not reaching for anything, not turning my head. If they’re going to kill me at that point, all I Read more

4/11/21 2:34PM

In 2008, I worked at a non-profit that hosted philanthropy conferences, and one in particular had Richard Branson, Desmond Tutu, and, somewhat surprisingly, Peter Gabriel. I’m a big Peter Gabriel fan so I made sure to sit in for his talk. Read more

4/09/21 3:55AM

Pretty sure he got inside, snapped his fingers as he suddenly remembered “Diamond and Silk!”

4/08/21 3:39PM

YES! I’ve been trying to figure out who/what she reminds me of and that’s it!

4/08/21 3:03PM

The only thing missing was the “I have black friends” defense. He probably kicked himself when he got to his car. 

4/08/21 2:46PM

Not just on the street. On CNN and all the other networks. If Greenberg has evidence it looks like Matt Gaetz jailtime.  If you are a dick on the way up you will get dick on the way down.  

4/08/21 1:33PM

Good for her; call that egregious bullshit out every time, and who cares if a bigot gets offended because he’s been correctly identified as one. ‘Going high’ doesnt work when the other side gives zero fucks about going as low as they can, or outright lying.

4/07/21 6:42PM

There must be a way to check how much money for-profit prison companies have donated to this guy’s campaigns and so on.