4/12/21 3:44PM

“Show me your hands!” and “step out of the car!” What in the entire fuck...a setup; if there ever was one.

4/09/21 6:36AM

Or “charcoal and burlap; or something like that.”

4/08/21 3:02PM

I know I’m dating myself; but MTG’s an Alice the Goon (ATG?) thing, from the Popeye cartoons.

4/08/21 11:36AM

What a colossal waste and miscarriage of justice! These cops should be made to trade places with the Capitol Police; then they can bust the asses of every Repugnican who tries to dodge the metal detector or sneak a firearm into the building. A real felony.

4/08/21 6:47AM

Yep; there’s undoubtedly a correlation with McConnell, Mcgahn, and Orangefinger seating all those unfit, conservative judges quick, fast , and in a hurry; who better to make sure colored suspects are found guilty and get sentenced to prisons more often, sooner, and imprisonment is a cash cow. Read more

4/08/21 6:35AM

Looking forward to seeing chalkasians’ indignant fallacies to your fact-based (I know; facts am bad) writing in the Clapback.

3/23/21 2:21PM

In an odd way, I admire the GOP’s sticktoittiveness when it comes to wrong-doings; even when they’re full on exposed, it’s, “you’re absolutely right; let’s move on.” It’s bullshit, but it’s some unwavering bullshit.

3/23/21 2:12PM

In the meantime, Steve Nash picks up Blake Griffin. Make of this what you will...

3/23/21 1:34PM

Even if he introduced himself in a language understood by all, as soon as he started telling them how wrong they are he would be deemed a false prophet, (and probably an-word lover,”) and quickly in a position similar to Mike Pence on January 6th.

3/23/21 1:30PM

It’s like Republicans/Retrumplicans are competing in some type of Racists Olympics: Johnson was a shoe-in for the gold, but he’s got stiff (albeit flaccid) competition.

3/22/21 1:20PM

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of The Falcon and The Snowman (that’s what I call it, and will for the duration). I have to say, Sam should have given them a replica shield, the government can’t help but do wrong in these things; of course, hindsight. I have questions: Read more

3/22/21 9:49AM

Love, love Earth Wind & Fire, but I’m riding with Isleys all day. The Gold Standard.

3/19/21 11:49AM

The haters gonna say Lebron’s whining, but if he said he was fine as is the same haters would say he’s soft and not a competitor. Lebron has brought a championship to every team he’s played on. Someone a while back said it best, “Wherever Lebron goes that team becomes a contender, whenever he leaves, that team becomes Read more

3/19/21 8:21AM

I fantasize about Snyder telling his cellmate what he’s in for. Yeah, I know...