Jun 23

I think Tieflings and Aasimar are linked to devils and celestials respectively, not the other way around as in the article.

May 27

I think he’s into 80's disco dancing, personally.

Mar 6

Agreed. I probably won’t buy either right away, but there hasn’t been a single Xbox One exclusive that made me regret skipping them this generation, and there are a number of PS4 exclusives that made me glad I picked Sony. I don’t have tons of gaming time, so the streaming pass doesn’t really do much for me. 

Sep 10 2018

“I’m not grasping for as many straws as it may appear.”

I disagree. This is silly.  

May 8 2018

The level of inability to think critically that is required to equate viewpoints that don’t align with your own as “nazi” is exactly what got this place where it is today. Forget it Jake, it’s victimtown.

May 8 2018

I’m almost positive the entire point of this article was to show that they definitively do not “Have this.”

May 8 2018

You’re bloggers, not journalists. You write bullshit about bullshit, push propaganda, and don’t even have to tell the truth to be credible.
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May 8 2018

If this means the end of The Root, Jezebel, and Deadspin, then maybe I’ll start believing their is a God afterall.

May 8 2018

Legit cannot wait till you’re all out of jobs. To think you’re anything other than far left hacks is comical.

May 8 2018

You can thank the disaster that was Gawker leadership for putting you in this situation.

May 8 2018

Need to cut costs, time to kill The Root. That should save some wasted money.

May 8 2018

Biting the hand that feeds. You would be unemployed if not for Univision saving your asses from complete insolvency and further embarrassment, if the latter is even possible considering the circumstances. Labeling their act of altruism, and yes opportunity (this is America after all), as greed is so disingenuous it’d Read more