11:31 AM

This was the issue I had with my ex when he was promoted to be my boss (so completely aboveboard in all respects). We worked at a restaurant and he was so afraid of being accused of playing favorites that he deliberately rigged contests so I wouldn’t win and sided with others in any disputes. It infuriated me, but he Read more

4:24 PM

Gender dysphoria is not mental illness. Have you ever even read anything in the DSM-5 related to it? I can pretty much guarantee that’s a no. For fucks sake, I even had a therapist that I had to school on holding outdated views/concepts. Read more

3:51 PM

Georgulas took Luna to see a therapist, who diagnosed the child with gender dysphoria — a mismatch between the gender assigned at birth and the one they identified with. From there, the therapist laid out steps on how to make the child feel affirmed, like letting Luna paint their nails and putting them in a dress, Read more

2:11 PM

It’s highly doubtful that the therapist took only that one statement and pronounced a diagnosis. It takes time over multiple interactions to get a diagnosis on an adult, so getting one on a child takes even longer.

1:27 PM

This is gonna totally blow your mind: There is an entire field of psychology called child psychology. Children see psychologists all the time. Because children are people, and thus are susceptible to mental illness. Read more

9:05 PM

That’s one reason why I enjoy these comic-book movies - the sneaky way they’re passing on messages like that, wrapped up in a fun package. The original comics themselves were the same; sort of a way of communicating “things aren’t supposed to be like this” during the Red Scare, etc (I’m not feeling super coherent Read more

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2:14 PM

Yes. I’m not afraid to say Thor Ragnarok was the best of all the Marvels.

12:32 PM

Well that’s just what you get for forming an educated opinion about material after having actually viewed it. That’s asking a lot of people these days, apparently.

12:09 AM

My sister got fed up once during a visit to her in-laws, when there was major fawning over her new baby and her husband and near-total ignoring of her. Finally, when her mother-in-law remembered to introduce her to some family friends (imported to “see the baby”), she held out her hand to shake and said “Hi, I’m the Read more

11:36 AM

I can only hear this in the Car Talk guys’ voices - “John Bugsy Lawler, back from the dominant, prominent, malcontent, nonevent, rubber cement, breach of trust with fraudulent intent pussy...”

2:45 PM

And they know they’re good people, the salt of the earth, true American patriots.

1:01 PM

Holdo's attack didn't even destroy Smokes ship. It was crippled, sure, but so much that they didn't have time to argue about who Smokes successor would be.

2:02 PM

Research shows that simply using trans youths’ names and pronouns substantially reduces the risk of suicide and suicidal ideation. Imagine being brazen enough to say “I shouldn’t be fired for harming my students” or “You’re forcing me to side with my students’ health” and expecting those argument to work. Read more

2:57 PM

That is it exactly! That’s me too. She has the ability to connect on a personal level with voters. When she speaks, people see that she really “gets it” and really “understands”. One of the things she does better than other candidates is she marries her message to her personal story. When she talks about her father Read more