John, Maddened
Oct 23

In the Free Speech corner: Kenny Smith. In the Be Nice To China corner: Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley. In a third corner: Shaq.
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Oct 21

“It takes you back to being a kid: You’re out there, you’re sloshing around and your shoes are full of water and mud,” Richard Sherman said. “It’s still a kid’s game at the end of the day.” Read more

Oct 9

Look at that puffy suit. How many farts per minute you think it takes to keep it inflated so he stays upright?

Oct 2

(1/3) We are deeply saddened to announce that Aurora died earlier today. Aurora was the Academy’s longest serving live mascot. In her 23 years at USAFA, she interacted with tens of thousands of people at sporting venues and military and community events. Read more