Sep 21
California here I come!

Just put in my notice 30 minutes ago at my current gig and have a start date of October 12th 2,000 miles away in San

Sep 13
Old wheel bearings suck

My old Mazda B2600i had a dragging in the front left wheel when turning that sounded very much like a wheel bearing

Sep 11
People sometimes

Im selling a bunch of stuff on FB as I’m prepping for a move. Most go fine albeit with a few blowoffs. This

Sep 2
All about perspective

My old Newfoundland has likes to lay across the hallway between mine and my wife’s offices. This would normally not

Sep 1
I'm Fully Vested Today!

As of today I’ve been at my current job for 5 years. This means the employer matching on my 401k is now 100% vested

Aug 19
Snake Time!

I just went out to pick some tomatoes from my garden and nearly gave myself a heart attack.

Jul 27
Womp womp...

My personal phone is a Pixel 3A XL that I quite liked other than the battery life being meh after the Android 10