Jared Lee
Jan 25

I understand, I guess, why people are scared of socialism and communism and other non-capitalist economic systems.  But, man, capitalism itself is definitely not something to be celebrated.  What a fucked up economic system that sees the world go through a devastating pandemic, and people who already have more money Read more

Jan 23

It all started with Red Letter Media’s takedown of the prequel trilogy. At that point, too many fans started caring way too much about whether or not anything could live up to their nostalgia.

Jan 20

Think he actually does have partial deafness and that’s how the “what” thing started.

Jan 20

Seriously? I think Rogue One was by far the best of the Disney Star Wars movies and (which practically goes without saying, better than any of the terrible prequels). It was a movie that actually felt like it belonged with the original trilogy. What wasn’t to like?

Jan 8

It’s not that high. I’m not even certain if its actually a majority conservative audience either. That’s an old stereotype. I’m sure there are Trump fans among them but the audience is pretty diverse. It’s not like NASCAR event. The portion of the wrestling world that’s online (Internet Wrestling Community or IWC) I Read more

Jan 6

Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Land is shut down. they could take the opportunity to film there. also when they film with the LED walls they still have to build sets. with Galaxy’s Edge they already have a set. Batuu is just right there waiting for them.

Jan 6

I’m surprised they haven’t done it either. they basically built a movie set. why not use it?

Jan 6

The sequel trilogy made 4.475 billion dollars on a budget of 837 million dollars. They didn’t “blow it.” They’re all massive successes. I’s the highest grossing star wars trilogy, and the force awakens is the fourth highest grossing movie of all time.

Jan 5

95% of people (conservatively) at Galaxy’s Edge don’t know what “Cannon” is, much less care about it. If you grab someone and tell them Grogu doesn’t belong there they will look at you blankly until you explain that you mean Baby Yoda.

Jan 4

I think she’s also a special case in that she’s frankly starting to lose her marbles, even by the admission of her own staff. 

Jan 4

It feels like sometimes folks from marginalized groups who attain a crazy amount of success - enough so that they’re essentially inoculated to hardships by money, power, fame, etc - and are able to take a far more forgiving stance on things, especially when it comes to friends. I’m thinking similarly of Ellen paling Read more

Jan 4

I hope folks understand what they’re revealing when they say they don’t like new people changing the ways we’ve always done things, especially when said group has no white members.

I also hope folks realize that they all voted for Pelosi to remain Speaker of the House while Amanda “Pro Police” Spanberger didn’t. I know Read more

Dec 31

It feels like the grade is how good the show is technically, while the review is about how closely it matches Zack’s particular vision of Star Trek in his head. Read more

Dec 31

Zach has been like this since his season 2 recaps and it’s annoying. I come here to see what grade he’s given the episode, and then go to io9 read their recap

Dec 29

I was raised to believe that if you weren’t in school or at work, you were lazy. My parents (Depression-era, born and raised in poverty) never took sick leave even when they were sick. I was in the hospital as a kid, and they still went to work. They missed every school play, recital, spelling bee, science, fair, Read more