Sep 25 2017

Depends; are they Richard Petty Motorsports fans? Because losing is a tradition as well.

Sep 21 2017

Where is this land of milk-and-honey, with junkyards that have cars placed on a paved surface that is so smooth that someone can drive around sideways without worry of flipping over or destroying a wheel or tire? Read more

Jul 24 2017

So this is a race series, funded by manufacturers, that can build can build massively complex hybrid power systems and infinitely complex carbon fiber aerodynamic devices, with new updates coming every race weekend, but give them 2 years and they can’t build a fucking window?

May 22 2017

Yeah, unfortunately anything after 2014 out there was in bad shape; the shop at the track had been shut down so no major maintenance was being performed and cars rarely made it back to Atlanta for service. When a truck had brought 11 of the “West Coast cars” to Lime Rock that year I spent an evening in a rented garage Read more

Jan 4 2017

People have to understand the dealers don’t care about selling Tesla. What they care about is their existing franchise. In their minds their great grand pappy gave an auto maker a lot of money back in Nineteen-Dicky-Do for a franchise. The automaker used that money to initially fund the company. It was a risky deal, Read more

Jan 3 2017

It’s a shame these guys seem to be on the bubble: I’m betting Elon Musk and everybody at Tesla really want them to succeed. Read more

Nov 28 2016

These are superb cars. I’m a dealer mechanic for Maserati and if I tell you these are good cars, they’re good cars. Remember, when one only sees broken examples of a marque from day-to-day, their perspective tends to get somewhat jaded but seriously, we see VERY FEW problems on the GT. Sure, you’ll run into occasional Read more

Nov 15 2016

Toyota: “Wow the Amazon team working on the Grand Tour actually want to use the Prius for promotions! Awesome! Give them like 10! We’re so glad the boys changed their minds on these! Everyone loves em!” Read more

Nov 8 2016

Automakers: “We have better technology! Let’s make lightweight, safe, efficient fun to drive cars!”