Dec 20

The strong rumours are that Haas wants to get out of F1, and is planning to sell the team to Mazepin as soon as he can, so he literally wants it to be owned by a Russian oligarch.

Mar 13

This is very well stated. The only thing I might point out is that it is becoming clear is that a very large portion of infected people never develop symptoms. Those asymptomatic carriers lead to the rapid spreading we are seeing. Read more

Nov 27 2019

You’re not wrong. My take is that it wasn’t a lack of creativity, it was the late 90's and early 2000's gravy train that did them in. NASCAR (or at least the family members) owned more than half the tracks that they raced on. When they were still packing the grandstands and companies were paying a gagillion dollars to Read more

Sep 24 2019

Offensive Holding in general should only be, at most, a 5 yard penalty. Defensive holding is only 5 yards, so why is offensive 10? It COMPLETELY kills a drive on something that is usually so ticky tacky anyway that it could be called or not be called based on whatever the ref feels like. 5 yards would be much more Read more

Sep 13 2019

Oh, come on. The only exclusively cricket term was “T20.” You just saw the word “cricket” and your brain shut off. It’s pretty common in this country.

Sep 13 2019

I know what you said are technically names and words, but just a heads up, none of it makes sense. 

Sep 9 2019

I’m pretty sure the first Sunday football games of the season played a role in that. I’ve watched most of the races this year, and that was by far the emptiest set of grandstands I’ve seen so far. Read more

Sep 5 2019

Yeah, but once I make my first ten million, all those tax cuts that help the wealthy elite will kick in and it will be smooth sailing. I know I have no ideas and no drive, but I’M DUE!’ Read more

Sep 5 2019

America’s last great vice? What about voting against one’s self interest? That still seems to turn a lot of people on.

Aug 25 2019

Literally no one in Taylor Swift’s target demographic has ever watched SNL in their entire lives. 

Sep 1 2017

Fuck the beach. The beach is the fucking worst. You know who goes to the beach? Miserable fucking people go to the beach, to pretend that they’re not miserable fucking people. Read more