Dec 8

so there’s actually a good reason stores should be attempting to stop scalpers, in economics having one item of inventory over at the end of the period counts as one failed sale, you tried to sell it but no one bought it, on the other hand selling out of the product but a customer comes in and is unable to purchase it Read more

Dec 8

actually, there is an incentive. repeat business. a legitimate customer who got a console will return to said business again in the future for other purchases. a scalper deprives the business of this business relation. they sold a product but they lost a chance at creating a business relation with a customer. so, yes. Read more

Nov 3

I play enough games on enough platforms (for entirely too much time) to comfortably be described as a gamer by pretty much anyone. Since “Gamer” gate, and the general attitude “gamer” communities seem to have regarding social issues, I am less comfortable being counted among them. F*ck those guys. I am someone who Read more

Sep 22

Dogs can detect Terminators, so they’re obviously essential.

Sep 11

I honestly think that everything Bungie is doing right now is in the best interest of the game despite the, ‘but ma base game grind content that’s been free for a year that’s only being temporarily removed’ crowd on reddit and the bungie forums.
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Sep 1

I personally saw nothing wrong with the way this was portrayed in game. As Ari pointed out, the game is about choice, what he failed to mention was that you are given the choice whether or not to respond as someone; concerned over this person’s well-being, oblivious, or an asshole.

Jun 29

Dreamcast mostly relied on having a weird-ass GD-ROM disc format packing more data than a standard CD, which would make it impossible to reproduce with a home burner, though games that fit on a standard CD could easily be duplicated as long as you had some means to pull the data off the original disc (most commonly, Read more

Jun 21

I don’t know Murry Chang’s motivation in questioning her account, but what he says is true, and my motivation is not to alter or dilute the technical legal meaning of “sexual assault” because that will only result in confusion and harm when people need to know what those terms mean. Addressing only the language in her Read more

Jun 4

Unfortunately there are a lot of problem police officers that don’t respect the law, they see it as a set of permissions and justifications they can use to force authority on other people. These are the officers who are hopping from foot to foot on a line, gleefully hoping a protester does anything at all so they can Read more

May 19

At 21m15s into the presentation (going by the YouTube VOD), Cerny says the following about adding on M.2 SSDs:
“Here’s the catch, though: that commercial drive has to be at least as fast as ours. Games that rely on the speed of our SSD need to work flawlessly with any M.2 drive.”
He then immediately goes on to explain

May 6

Tom are you just wearing hoodies for the next 3 months or what.