Mar 27 2017

Because it sure seems like if it’s to help school-age girls get into STEM, Jezebel is all for it...but if it’s to help boys with the problems boys have, then it’s sexist and excludes girls. Read more

Mar 9 2016

Can we just get it in our heads that it is not solely the duty of infertile people to carry the burden of our foster care systems? This woman has already adopted three anyways, but it seems like whenever an infertile person seeks to birth a biological child there are a bunch of people just waving their hands around Read more

Feb 4 2016

Do you think he’s lonely? That’s all I can think about. Poor Jefe.

Nov 20 2015

I think Walsh is suggesting that one isn’t really superior to the other, no? They’re both just a way of spinning out your days meaninglessly.

Oct 16 2015

When my aunt was in her 20’s and a huge stoner she wrote a letter to Smarties telling them that white Smarties taste the best and all Smarties should be white. They sent her a 20 lb. case of white Smarties. She doesn’t really eat Smarties anymore.

Oct 7 2015

But why aren’t we talking about Chanel-O-Ween mocking Taylor Swift? I died.

Aug 10 2015

Many years ago at the group home for developmentally disabled teens where I worked there was a resident who really, really wanted to go to the best steak house in the city for his 18th birthday. He had behavior and anger issues, but was determined to earn that birthday dinner, and he managed it. So another staff Read more

Jul 29 2015

I find this story unreasonably adorable. I love when parents pay attention to things their kids actually love instead of projecting.

Jul 11 2015

I think that was legitimately the first movie I’ve ever walked out of thinking, “I want to see a sequel to that. Or a whole damn franchise.” I know it probably wouldn’t be as good, but Spy was just SO GOOD and I’d rather watch more of it than James Bond any day.

Jul 9 2015

Will there be a special vote on diffusers? I know it’s a speciality item, but I’m interested how these three work with diffusers/if they have interchangeable heads, and how they stand up to diffuser specific blow dryers. Read more

Will there be a special vote on diffusers? I know it’s a speciality item, but I’m interested how these three work