Your boy, BJR
3/22/19 5:00PM

Yellow exterior, red interior...and yellow seat belts? Yikes.  I hope “Chris Smith” here was just fucking around with the configurator but I don’t think so because the status says Sold. Did the local McDonald’s place a build order?

3/06/19 12:20PM

So if I’m reading correctly, the hot take from this article is “It’s ok to buy a high mileage car if it’s meticulously maintained”. Astonishing 

12/06/18 11:05AM

GoFundMe is a pox on society. Who the fuck is giving this dipshit charity because he was caught in the act of multiple crimes? Why can’t he afford an attorney if he can afford a hellcat? Read more

7/03/18 11:14PM

Those who voted for him will be, if there’s any justice, the most damaged. Let the relatives they love the most be deported by Trump, and let red states and counties be destroyed by him and his minions. Held my tongue (mostly) during Reagan and Bush I, less so during W, the Boy King, but now there is no silencing Read more

8/04/16 5:57PM

There’s a strong intersection between the type of dude who wants a brown turbo diesel manual wagon, and the type of dude who would fly 5000 miles on a whim to see a woman he’s only texted.

8/04/16 10:35AM

Elvis would not approve. He would lower it, drop an LS motor in it and repaint it.

6/23/16 9:41AM

Didn’t spend four years fighting the little yella bastards to turn around and give ‘em my hard earned money, no sir.

6/15/16 5:11PM

It has garage doors. They only close when the bay is empty.

6/15/16 4:25PM

So let me get this straight. You want to give me a car... that I would then pay to fix/mod so that you can make money by writing about it? I tell ya what, I’m down under one condition. You come over to my house and renovate my basement so I can take pictures and get some serious HGTV forum cred.